The Yippee EP



Appropriately named, Never Shout Never’s The Yippee EP is just another pop-punk CD on first listen. On the second listen, some of the more interesting beats and offbeats start to become apparent. By the third time through the 4 song EP, it becomes apparent that Never Shout Never is more like the earlier days of Drive Thru Records than the modern day major label pop-punk demigods.

Immediate comparisons can easily be drawn to the radio powerpop of Plain White T’s, the punk infused pop-rock of Panic! at the Disco, and even the emo stylings of Dashboard Confessional. Deeper comparisons to Unwritten Law, The Staring Line, and even the more eccentric Piebald, may be a bit more accurate. To be fair, 4 songs may not be enough to decipher which comparison are more accurate, but I can say that this upbeat EP is a sign of promise, at the very least.

There is no doubt that NSN will make waves with their widely digestible sound. Teenage girls and soccer moms will be singing along from day one. The task that creates staying power, however, is winning over critics and elitist music snobs (like myself). Can NSN be both popular and accepted by the self-proclaimed experts of pop music? From this 4 song aperitif, it seems like they can. Embracing non-conventional instrumentation and intelligent, non-generic lyricism is certainly a start. Maybe the indie kids and punks will have a hard time admitting they like NSN; but the fact is that even if they are closet fans, they will be fans (much like Panic!).

The solid, well sung vocals are very reminiscent of Kenny from The Starting Line. The songs are fast and danceable at times, jangly at others, and always heartfelt and honest. With potential oozing from every poppy note, NSN’s The Yippee EP is a promising 4 song EP from a promising young band… nothing more (yet) and nothing less.

~ by thepaintedman on August 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Yippee EP”

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