El Hefe! Saved


After a battle lasting several weeks, El Hefe! has been saved… well at least a case and a half or so of it. May I first take the time to apologize to those who were given some as a gift prior to the reclamation project currently underway.

Let me step back, I brewed a hefeweizen (German wheat beer) some time ago. After 3+ weeks in the bottles it still had the mouthfeel of apple juice… meaning no carbonation at all. So prior to giving up, I decided to take 4 bottles and attempt to recarbonate the beer using Cooper’s carbonation drops and about half a pinch of yeast. The results were promising.

Today, a mere week after adding the drops, I cracked open the bottles. Carbonation has been achieved and a small head forms as the beer is poured into a pint or pilsner glass. All in all, a success!

Expect me to have about a case and a half ready in 2 weeks… and feel free to invite yourself over for a taste of El Hefe!

Brewing Next Week: 10 gallon batch of my Poison Apple Malted Cider.


~ by thepaintedman on May 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “El Hefe! Saved”

  1. I have a beautiful summer blonde ready for you when we get together next

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