2FN Hot: First Comment Wins a Copy of the CD

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Mondo Primo, formerly known to many in the indie world as Feable Weiner, steps forth with a new name but the same humor and fun nature that they’ve always brought to the dreary indie landscape. 2FN HOT is a well crafted power pop album in the vein of Fountains of Wayne and label mates The All-American Rejects. What you see is what you get with this syrupy sweet bubblegum pop rock.

If I recall correctly, I was first introduced to the band by Peter James Gill, who left our small Southeastern PA college for a music business program at a university in Tennessee. During his two years in Tennessee, he routinely emailed me with names of bands that he went to school with… one of which was the aptly named Feable Weiner. As Pete would send me MP3s, I soon found that this band was a quite fun and clever one.

A few years, a few jobs, a marriage, and two dogs later, I launched my 5th or 6th in a series of music related websites, and joined the staff of a site focusing on nerd culture as their “Resident Music Geek”. Based on my involvement in music review for both of these websites, I have been lucky enough to be serviced by a few fantastic independent labels, including Doghouse Records. Out of the blue, Mondo Primo appeared in my mailbox, complete with a pair of 3D glasses, and my next review began.

Independent from any knowledge of where this band came from or what I know of their previous work, the first impression of this CD is that this is a disc of very well crafted and very well produced punk influenced pop rock. It’s danceable, very easy to sing along to, and has a very carefree spirit about it. From start to finish, it’s a masterpiece of bubblegum rock, radio friendly and, yet, not too generic. At times, it’s hard not to have other great radio rockers like Weezer or New Found Glory come to mind.

If there is one complaint about the album, there are no real standout tracks. It’s quite possible that this is more a testament to 2FN HOT’s strength and cohesiveness than to any true weakness in songwriting. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear any of these songs released as a single on alternative radio. With proper exposure, these guys should be touring with big names and being eaten up by alt-rockers and teenage girls in no time.

Special Giveaway Time: First person to check Mondo Primo out on their MySpace Page and comment here about what they think will win a copy of this CD, along with a 2 other free CDs of thepaintedman’s choice.


~ by thepaintedman on May 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “2FN Hot: First Comment Wins a Copy of the CD”

  1. First! Can’t believe I’m the first nerd

  2. Josh, a copy of 2FN Hot, Vega Under Fire’s debut release, and a random third CD are coming your way.

    For the random CD, name me a genre or artist and I’ll try to pull out something along those lines.

    Oh, and when do I get to try some Summer Blonde?

  3. Looks like I hit the jackpot on this one! Do you have anything Folk / Alt Country style in the collection? If not anything would do just fine.

    Oh, and that Blonde is yours whenever you, the missus and the little man want to get together next.

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