Sex Sells: Louis XIV in 2006

This review was originally posted on Crap Filter. At the time the CD was a new release, but since it still sneaks into my rotation every month or two, I felt like it deserved some 2009 cyber press.



All you hipsters and trendspotters that read this site probably already own this CD, but if you don’t have Louis XIV’s Best Little Secrets are Kept then I say “Tsk tsk!” The trendy dance rock band first made waves touring with The Killers last year and is now hitting alternative radio hard. With lyrics that are not so subtle about sexuality and sexual escapades, catchy danceable hooks, and great production value, this is a CD not to be missed.

By now, most Crap Filter readers probably know that at the beginning of the year I declared a personal vendetta against trendy dance rock… yet for the second or third time this year, I’ve fallen into listening excessively to another dance rock CD. Hypocrite? Sure, I probably am, but I can’t help it when there is actually good music coming out of the trendy genre I had previously written off.

From start to finish, this CD is wholly listenable. No tracks warrant the need to skip to the next, but several do stand out. The current single entitled “Finding Out True Love is Blind”, is very infectious. It is what enticed me to check out the entire album. “Illegal Tender” has a very solid sing-a-long quality with a group sung chorus and a small Beatles feel to it. And my favorite track, “Pledge of Allegiance”, is a very simple but fun tune with lyrics that make it hard for me to listen to at work (like I’m doing right now… I hope no one walks in).

The reason this dance rock CD is a great CD is that it isn’t just another Franz clone, rip off of Gang of Four, or bad attempt at being the next Killers. Louis XIV has their own sound that is equal parts dance, Euro-pop, and straight up rock’n’roll. The vocals are distinct and solid. The production is superb. All in all, a CD well worth a small dip into your wallet, even if you detest the trendy dance rock scene like I do.


~ by thepaintedman on May 25, 2009.

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