The Bennett vs. Tweedy Conspiracy

Sounds like a good name for a band looking to cash in on the death of Jay Bennett, doesn’t it? Anyway, in the wake of the death of a great musician, there is a ton of press about Jay’s life, his split with Tweedy, his drug addictions of the past, his health problems, and his recent lawsuit against Tweedy and the band. None of this press is more interesting than the insanity that crept onto wikipedia for a short time after Bennett’s tragic death.

On a Dallas Observer blog page, this screen capture appears:


The crazy allegations are the bottom have since been cleared up, but the idea of conspiracy has now crept into the minds of many. The Tweedy loyalists are livid, as one can see in the comments section of the Observer blog. The Bennett camp, who already hates all things Jeff Tweedy, is probably entertaining the notion. I, a conspiracy theorist in my own right, think that there is some interesting merit to the otherwise laughable claim.

Did Tweedy kick Bennett out of the band? Yes. Did Wilco lose some fans due to the ordeal? Yes. Did Tweedy’s musical output suffer? Yes. Did Bennett recently sue Tweedy? Yes. These facts alone make the question worth pondering.

Some have suggested that this appeared on wikipedia even before news of Bennett’s death broke… adding another big question mark to the situation.

While the likelihood of foul play is not great, we can never rule out a good conspiracy. What will the autopsy show?


~ by thepaintedman on May 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Bennett vs. Tweedy Conspiracy”

  1. Update: Another conspiracy theory shot down… why can’t the anti-government anti-corporate paranoids have their fun?

    Most notably, the message clears up any misconceptions about Bennett’s battle with Wilco, which he took public earlier this month (in an attempt to recoup money he claimed he was rightfully owed). According to the email, the lawsuit was four years in the making, was very emotional and stressing for Bennett, and had nothing to do with his impending hip surgery. In a post that he wrote on his MySpace blog in April, Bennett revealed that he did not have health insurance and was trying to scrape together money for long-overdue and urgently needed hip surgery.

  2. Very well thought out and informative. I’m sure many others enjoy reading this too, but are just a little scared to post – anyway – thanks again!

  3. […] like the conspiracy theories didn’t pan out… but, in all seriousness, it’s still sad to lose such a powerful musician to a […]

  4. I don’t see any conclusive evidence that Tweedy WASN’T involved. A lawsuit four years in the making isn’t evidence either way. And, technically, hiring someone to commit a crime IS a conspiracy.

  5. True, Robert. Perhaps Tweedy DID kill him.

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