Fox News or Not, This Guy is Dead On


Before scanning the news on Friday via Google News, I’d never heard of Greg Gutfield (who I then found out was the 4th most underrated talk show host). This is likely due to the fact that I try to avoid Fox News and it’s “fair and balanced” (read: RIGHT WING FILTH) way of sharing the news.

On Friday, however, I stumbled across his Greg-alogue entitled “Call Someone Racist and Win”. He begins by recapping his discussion of racial politics:

So it took only one day before I was called a racist for, guess what, criticizing racial politics.

If you remember, I pointed out that choosing a Supreme Court nominee based on minority status is a diversionary trick meant to obscure left-wing ideology.

Then he points out:

[A blogger] called me a racist.

Which is awesome, because it proves my point: In the world of racial politics, all you have to do is call someone a racist and you win. Game over.

I know very little about this Greg guy, but I do know that he’s right. Playing the race card is so 90’s… it’s played out. I say that with a my tongue against my cheek, but that doesn’t mean I don’t honestly believe it. Sure, there are racists… sure, minorities are as good as anyone at a job… but using race to get ahead, make a point, or just play the system is wrong. But, unfortunately, it works… and it works well.

I couldn’t care less about Sotomayor’s controversial comments because everyone in the limelight provides controversial soundbites. What is troubling, however, is that the only thing that either side talks about is her race. How about talking about her politics, her ideals, and her accomplishments? The Republicans’ focus on the race comments makes the GOP look old and non-progressive. The Democrats’ focus on her race makes an educated person question her qualifications a great deal. Either way, this whole thing wreaks of black-white racial politicking bullshit.

Let me tie in my personal perspective of the mentality behind racial politics and affirmative action:

As a white male, I am the “privileged”. While I don’t discount the privileges that have been thrust upon me, it is much more due to a solid upbringing and/or my family’s socioeconomic class than by my race. That said, what has being a white male, specifically, gotten me?

A good college education? No, I did that myself… I would likely have been given much more financial aid and many more scholarships and grants had I not been a white male.

A good job? No, I did that myself… in fact, had I been born a female… or, perhaps, black… I’d have a much better shot at a promotion in the next few months. However, as I work for the government and we already have 2 white males in our current management structure, I am likely out of the loop.

So, I ask you… does my stance against affirmative action, racial politics, or playing the race card in general make me a racist? Conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between… if you answer with a simple yes, then your ignorance is much greater than the ignorance of the “racists” that you lambast against. I hate racism, yes, even institutional racism… but Gutfield is dead on.


~ by thepaintedman on May 31, 2009.

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