Split Lip’s Journey to the Softer Side

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David Moore, lead singer of seminal emo-core outfit, Split Lip, continues to morph his voice into something different. Due out on June 23, Moore’s debut full length is just one of several musical ventures he’s currently involved in. With a Split Lip reunion show that happened last month and some more Chamberlain stuff in the works, Moore, who had disappeared from the scene for some time (despite his part-time bluegrass endeavor, Chevy Downs), suddenly finds himself a very busy musician.

Moore’s debut is the logical progression in his musical growth and maturation. When Split Lip moved towards a more country influenced sound and became Chamberlain, the journey had begun. Now, the youth crew and emo-core musical influences have fallen by the wayside creating a lush, alt-country sound with a bit of a Bruce Springsteen feel. My Lover, My Stranger presents an aged Moore, introspective, optimistic, and thoughtful.

While much of the genre is quite critically acclaimed, I personally tend to find a lot of alt-country music to be drab and dull. The vast majority of it does nothing to interest or inspire me in any way. A few songs creep in from time to time that make my ears perk up ever so slightly, but that’s typically it. Moore’s debut, however, could be an anomaly. It’s true that it is unlikely to reach heavy rotation due simply to the album’s style vs. my genre preferences, My Lover, My Stranger will undoubtedly provide me with a solid soundtrack for relaxing at home, sitting in my office at work, and contemplating life… and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few tracks sneak into heavy rotation, afterall.

Moore’s sound is very accessible, fans of bands like Counting Crows would likely find this debut to satisfy their taste. The music is beautifully melodic and well produced. His vocals are haggard and rough, but very endearing and earnest. In fact, his vocals may be what most set this release apart from others in the genre. His voice is powerful and honest, whether he is singing about his own life and journey or talking to someone else in his life through song. The music is good, but his vocals are great.

Honestly, the last album with an alt-country feel that dig anything for me was Dustin Kensrue’s solo album, which came out some time ago. If you are like me and don’t typically listen to a lot of folk or alt-country, don’t dismiss this release before you give it a chance. Moore’s debut is definitely one of promise and strength. Several tracks on My Lover, My Stranger standout to me but “Home to Me” is definitely my favorite. The beautiful love song beckons the listener to “step into forever” with Moore, and whether or not you want to give him that chance, one thing is for sure: My Lover, My Stranger is a more than respectable solo debut for the former straight edge youth crew rocker.


~ by thepaintedman on June 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Split Lip’s Journey to the Softer Side”

  1. “Home to Me” is about a father and son, not a lover.
    Nice review nonetheless. D. Moore RULES!

  2. I was told this by someone else, as well. I relistened to it and I completely hear it differently now. I guess I just missed some of it at first. Anyhoo, thanks for checking us out, come back soon, ya hear?

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