To Brawl or Not to Brawl?

To Brawl… definitely!


Yards describes Brawler as follows:

Boasting superior taste and champion flavor, the Brawler is crafted in the style of English session ales. This malt-forward, ruby colored ale is great for when you want to go a few rounds.

While I’m not so sure I’d call it “ruby” colored, I would agree that it is a malt-forward beer of superior taste and flavor. I poured my bottle (chilled for over a week in my fridge) into a regular pint glass. This was not my first taste of Brawler, but it was the first I had stopped to take notes on. Here are the tasting notes from my Beer Journal:


The translucent dark amber/brown color is beautiful. I know this is my type of beer from the start. No sentiment, pours with a small head that it maintains throughout.


The beer lacks in this department. While there is nothing to deter one from wanting a sip, nothing wows me either. Mild aroma, slight sweetness, no hints of diacetyl that I could tell.


This is by no means a big beer, full of big flavor. However, the flavor has a beautiful and simple overall quality. Smooth throughout, very malt-forward, but not overpoweringly so.


This is what my Aunt Debbie calls a chewing beer, but I wouldn’t class it as such. It’s a tad chewy, but heavy or stout-like at all. It has great body and, as noted above, is very smooth. It does have an ever so slight aftertaste that isn’t entirely desirable. It’s not really noticeable until later into the pint.

Overall Rating:
[rating: 16/20]

Overall, an excellent session beer that makes me wish I was sitting at an English pub chatting it up with a few old chaps. Definitely worth a drink or six!

Thanks for reading. Cheers!


~ by thepaintedman on June 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “To Brawl or Not to Brawl?”

  1. Brawler is one damn fantastic beer! I picked up a Yards variety a few weeks back and hands down Brawler was my favorite.

  2. Did you get the emails I sent you? The CDs will be sent on Monday. Actually, you’ll be getting 4 CDs. The two I mentioned and two folk/alt-country releases that you will like alot.

  3. […] other favorite is a newer brew, Brawler. While Love Stout alone is enough for me to call this one of my favorite breweries, Brawler takes […]

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