YT's Nerdrap Masterpiece



wikipedia describes YTCracker as:

Bryce Case, Jr. (b. August 23, 1982), otherwise known as YTCracker (pronounced “whitey cracker”), is a former cracker most known for defacing the webpages of several federal and municipal government websites in the United States, as well as several in private industry at the age of 17. Case later became known for his work as a Nerdcore hip hop artist.

It goes on to explain that he began programming in BASIC at the age of 4 (I began at age 5 or 6, so I guess he has me beat). Apparently, YTCracker went on to gain notoriety as a hacker, then turned his efforts to becoming a nerd rapper.

While I have been a nerd throughout my entire life (or at least since I was 5 or 6 and started programming on Color BASIC on my Tandy), I only discovered my love for nerdcore hip-hop in the past few months. Having gotten into “Fett’s Vette” by mc chris a few years ago, I only dove more into the rest of the scene recently… from chris, I went to Frontalot, then MC Hawking, then Lars, and from picking up a copy of The Digital Gangster EP, I found out about YTCracker. And thank the Lord that I did discover him, even if it was several years late.

Nerdcore Entertainment System is a free download on and I promptly downloaded it on my first visit to the site. Since that time, I have been bumping to old school NES song with clever nerdy rhymes and some fresh beats thrown in for good measure. If you are unfamiliar with the album, what I am saying is that YTCracker took original NES theme songs from games like The Legend of Zelda, Double Dragon, and Megaman, threw in some good drumbeats, and proceeded to rap about all things nerd! It’s fantastic.

In the first full track, “Meganerd”, he raps about the life of a “meganerd” and how they rule the world. In “Surgerunner”, he laments about his need for Surge to get his energy, calling it his “hocus pocus focus juice.” In “Legend”, he talks about how great he is on top of the Zelda theme:

I’m a legend everywhere that I go, every distro
Every Craigslist ho pumping they fist yo
Can’t get enough of YTCracker’s jams and they
Can’t get enough of YTCracker’s spam

Every track has a flair its own, and YTCracker proves that he can spit with the best of them. A cool concept and a fun album, well worth its price of free).

If you are still spinning Jay-Z and Jadakiss, it’s time to wake up and check out the revolution… YTCracker, MC Frontalot, mc chris, and MC Larrs are where it’s at now. Just think, if Tupac had “Nerd Life” tatted on his stomach rather than “Thug Life”, he’d probably still be alive.


~ by thepaintedman on June 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “YT's Nerdrap Masterpiece”

  1. thank you for this review – i’m glad you dug the swagger.

    hooray for google alerts and wordpress incoming links feature!

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