Go to Helles, Stoudt's Stylee!


Great Brewer’s says this of Stoudt’s Blonde Double MaiBock:

A rich, full bodied, deep golden-blonde lager. Stoudt’s version of the German classic style is brewed with the finest 2-row malt and a subtle amount of noble hops.

Whether you call it maibock or helles bock or just about anything else, this is a fantastic beer.


This is a near perfect helles bock, as far as looks go. It has a deep gold color, beautiful clarity, and a thick, creamy, white head… just as the style notes in the BJCP Style Guidelines say it should.


The malt aroma could be more prominent, but is certainly not mild. There is no diacetyl or fruity aroma, which is good. Also, there is virtually no hop aroma, which is appropriate, but I’d prefer just a hint.


The Pils malt is the unmistakable flavor in the beer. There is a noticeable, albeit mild to moderate hop bitterness. There is a dry finish to the beer, though it still goes down smooth.


This maibock is well carbonated and relatively creamy. It has a medium body and a very clean feel.

Overall Rating:

One of my favorite Springtime beers. A refreshing and crisp beer with full flavor, Stoudt’s Double Blonde MaiBock is a must buy during the month or so it’s out each year. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’ll find a case until next April.


~ by thepaintedman on June 16, 2009.

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  1. […] to be desired, as well. My seasonal highlights are their Winter Ale (November through January), Blonde Double Mai Bock (March through May), and Oktoberfest (Fall). Their Mai Bock makes me happiest, but their Winter Ale […]

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