Sunny Day Real Estate Reunion

So far, they have only confirmed 3 dates, but the influential Seattle emo quartet is sure to draw some big crowds with their reunion.

Jeremy Enigk, frontman of Sunny Day, is often credited as a progenitor of the emo sound. He was first involved in a band that later went on to become known as Poor Old Lu, a highly influential band in the underground Christian Music scene that was the brainchild of influential musician and producer Aaron Sprinkle. He went on to join a band, then known as Empty Set, and they formed Sunny Day Real Estate. Since that time, Enigk and SDRE have been cited as an important influence by tons of bands in the emo scene they helped create, as well as many other related scenes.

The confirmed shows for the reunion begin in late September in Salt Lake City. the other two dates are in San Francisco and Seattle. Other shows are rumored, but all remain in the Northwestern US. So, for folks on the East Coast like myself, guess we’ll have to just catch the videos on YouTube or get a copy of the inevitable DVD of the reunion.

~ by thepaintedman on June 23, 2009.

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