Doom at Maximum Volume

Sorry for another delay on the Skylife review (which WILL finally be up tomorrow), but to hold you over, here’s a great interview with Michael of the band Culted.


Thanks for taking the time to talk with me here at TPM. I am admittedly not an expert on almost anything in the metal world, though I enjoy some bands in virtually all sub genres. And while this is true, I take a great interest in reading up on and researching metal, because your scenes seem to have some of the most intriguing stories. Let’s start out with your story. Who is Culted?

Culted is Daniel Jansson (voice, words, ambience) who resides in Gothenburg, Sweden, Matthew Friesen and Michael Klassen (guitars, bass, noise, percussion) live in Winnipeg Canada and Kevin Stevenson (drums) lives in rural Manitoba just outside Winnipeg. I (Michael) asked Daniel to contribute some sounds for an Of Human Bondage release a few years back. He agreed and we continued discussing music and personal interests over the next few months. Daniel suggested we record some slow doomy metal and see what came out of the sessions. We exchanged words via email and sounds via wave files and built on each others ideas as they went back and forth. We’ve never met, nor spoken to one another. Communication has been entirely digital. Although, this may very well change for the next release, Daniel is planning on recording the vocals in our studio. We’re looking forward to this next stage of Culted.

And where did you get your name? What exactly does it mean?

Many names were suggested and dismissed as quickly. Culted was the first name that seemed to encompass our intent and sound. Culted may or may not be defined as a social group or individual that operates within the larger culture and practices different norms, behaviours, beliefs, heritage. These groups or individuals may have irrational belief systems, which they have been conditioned to regard as not only possible, but as the truth, the only truth. These beliefs often dismiss critical thinking and the results blind our curiosity. That being said, most of the populace is culted to some degree even if we are aware of our oppressors. To participate in society suggests that one has been culted by its rules and expectations. Many levels of subjugation and submission can be found in our every day rituals.

I have been re-reading the book, Lords of Chaos, about the rise of Black Metal in Europe, notably Scandanavia. It seems like the Norwegian Black Metal scene was/is the most notorious and extreme. What are your impressions of the Black Metal scene that emerged in the Black Circle days as a member of the metal community?

The Scandinavian Black Metal scene had a huge impact on me and I believe Daniel as well. Burzum, Darkthrone, Ulver, Mayhem and Emperor recorded some timeless albums during the early nineties, their influence continues to come across in our sound and countless other bands.

Culted is more of a Doom Metal band from my estimation? Would you agree? And, as a metal novice, could you enlighten me a bit about what Doom Metal is? I think I recall reading that Doom’s roots are with bands like Black Sabbath.

Doom would be a fair somewhat accurate description of our sound, although many purist would disagree. Doom metal seems to have its roots in Black Sabbath, slow tempos and loud amps, and we too owe much of our sound to the records of Black Sabbath, slow tempos and loud amps.

So, who are your musical influences and what do you like to listen to?

Musical influences would be early nineties Black and Death metal, Swans, Godflesh, Eyehategod, The Melvins, Neurosis etc. Outside of metal I listen to Swans, Killing Joke, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Gnaw Their Tongues, Sunno))), Radiohead, and various soundtracks and Industrial/Noise artists.

While TPM is not a religious website by any means, I am a Christian and I often wonder about the beliefs of those I work with. Would you be willing to share with my readers a little bit about your beliefs?

Well, depending whose definition we’re using I might be classified as an atheist or even a Satanist by certain fundamentalists, but the reality is I am an individual who believes in nothing absolutely and remains excited by all that is unknown. I am a student of esoteric disciplines, critical thinking, logic, reasoning and the will to power. Religiosity seems like a primitive explanation of creation and morality, one that self-respecting individuals will dismiss after reasonable consideration.

Thanks, I always find it interesting to find out about the beliefs behind music and other art. How do you think your beliefs impact the music you write?

It’s possible that we are the conduit of these alien sounds we hear. Our muse, or Daemon as Socrates described it, began with a communication and was deciphered and interpreted as sound, and the result is our cd Below The Thunders Of The Upper Deep.

As I noted before, I am no metal expert. Can you give me any tips for my forray into your new album?

Loud, slow, down tuned, psychedelic, blackened metal. Some might even say experimental.

Good stuff. I’ll make you to let you know once my review of the album is up. I believe it’s due out in late July. Besides it’s release date, what else should the readers know about it?

Sunno))) say it best, maximum volume yields maximum results.

Well, I believe I’ve taken up enough of your time. One last question… are you a beer drinker? I am somewhat of a beer snob so deciding on a favorite is tough. I guess I’d have to choose Newcastle, as I always find a way back to it smooth taste. Do you have a favorite beer?

We all enjoy alcohol, Newcastle is tasty, I prefer lager, but a stout or an ale like Kilkenny are all good. Personally, I’m a chronic wine drinker who self-medicates by habitually using Cannabis.

Thanks for giving me the chance to dive into different musical realms. Thank you for all your time and sharing with my readers. Any departing words for those checking out this interview?



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