VBM Update

A few updates from everyone’s favorite indie label, Velvet Blue Music.

There are a few new releases to check out:

-Kissing Cousins “Pillar of Salt” (Check out the TPM review here)

-$0.99 6 Song CD (featuring Doug Burr, Kissing Cousins, Frank Lenz, Ronald of Orange, Gary Murray, and LN)

-Frank Lenz “Strictly Background” (Check out the TPM review here)

-Ronald of Orange “Brush Away the Cobwebs”

Other news from VBM:

-Map just finished recording their new album. It’s set to release in August and it’s entitled Speechless.

-Kissing Cousins just shot a video for their first single from Pillar of Salt, “Don’t Look Back”. Expect more info on that once it’s done.

-Doug Burr is just entering the studio again. Expect more news about his upcoming album soon.

-If you are in the Los Angeles area, Strictly Background is screening for free on July 17th at The Screen Actor’s Guild.

-Speaking of Frank Lenz, he’s still on tour as the drummer for Richard Swift. Swift is opening up for The Fray. For dates, click here.


~ by thepaintedman on July 8, 2009.

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