TPM Beerfest! Scratch This!


A few weeks ago, I was in Harrisburg on business (running a training session) and decided that I had to stop by Troegs and have a small taste, likely grabbing a six pack of something while I was at it. Upon arriving, the only thing on tap that I hadn’t had at all yet was their most recent in the Scratch Beer series, Apollo Imperial Ale. While not a hophead, I have tried to branch out into the world of hoppiness, which is a specialty of Troegs (Nugget Nectar is a favorite of hopheads nationwide, maybe worldwide). Apollo Imperial Ale certainly falls into that category, delivering 115 IBU’s in each flavor packed sip.


This big beer has a deep amber color and a haziness, making it unable to see through at all. There is a creamy head that sticks to the sides of the glass. The head maintains throughout the entire drinking experience.


Beautiful floral aroma, a bouquet of hops. The strong aroma is very American, though I couldn’t identify the varieties of hops without some help from the Troegs website (Apollo, Columbus, Warrior, Amarillo, and Palisades are all present here).


While I’d expect a bit more maltiness by the appearance of the beer, there is enough malt to make the 115 IBU’s more than tolerable to a non-hophead. While not an IPA, it basically tasted like an IPA. It reminded me a bit of Nugget Nectar, likely due to the large quantities of American hops. It was slightly more bitter than my preference, but still thoroughly enjoyable.


Apollo Imperial Ale has a smooth mouthfeel with a dry finish and a very hoppy aftertaste. Overall, not too bad, but nothing to gush over, either.

Overall Rating:

If I were a hophead, it’d likely be a bit higher, but I tried to be as objective as possible. Damn good beer.


~ by thepaintedman on July 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “TPM Beerfest! Scratch This!”

  1. […] This is what all you Miller and Bud drinker should be drinking. Smooth, easy to drink, and very refreshing. Walk away from the awful crap you’ve been drinking and take a step in the right direction… it will hopefully open some windows, which in turn make crack a few doors, and down the road you can be enjoying some 120 Minute IPA or Apollo. […]

  2. Don’t be calling my Miller crap! Miller beers are the champagne of beer! But I have been branching out a bit lately, thanks to my main man Jimmy Buffet and his delicious Land Shark adult beverage.

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