Velvet Creek

Some news from two of TPM’s favorite music labels: Velvet Blue Music and Saddle Creek Records.

What’s going on at VBM?

-VBM has a new family member, Telegraph Canyon. The Texas 7 piece is releasing The Tide and the Current on VBM and Spune next month, the 18th to be exact.

Map’s Speechless will be available on August 25th. Jeff from VBM calls the album, “basically like 10 songs you wish you’d written”.

Pillar of Salt being released on vinyl in August. Details to come.

Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric is working on a Doug Burr remix as you read this. Anything by Ronnie is worth a listen, so check back for more on that.

-And, remember, VBM has a great sampler out now for only $0.99. So skip one 5 piece chicken nugget order at Wendy’s and get a copy.

How about Saddle Creek?

RAA and UUVVWWZ out now!

-RAA on tour, including some East Coast dates (Yay!) Philly on August 3rd, if I wasn’t on vacation I’d be there… what’s your excuse?

-UUVVWWZ will be hosting a record release party in Omaha, NE tomorrow night. Since there is very little to do in Omaha anyway… AND, it’s a Wednesday night… you have nothing better to do than catch a great show. All you Cornhuskers need to get your asses out to support great local music.

-Looks like Azure Ray has added some dates. Be one of the first to see this band in years!

July 10, Portland, OR, Mississippi Studios

Jul 11, Bellingham, WA, The Nightlight

July 12, Seattle, WA, Neumos

July 14, San Jose, CA, Nickel City Arcade

July 16, San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall

July 17, Santa Barbara, CA, Velvet Jones

July 18, Pomona, CA, Glasshouse

July 24, Omaha, NE, Wild About Omaha at Slowdown/Film Streams

-Fall releases beginning to take shape. Orenda Fink and Old Canes due out in October.

So that’s just some of what’s going on at two of the best indie labels around today. Check out their websites for more info on all of this and more.


~ by thepaintedman on July 14, 2009.

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