Guess What's in My Pint Glass…

Beer, it's what's for dinner.

So, you were all expecting a review of Labatt Honey Lager, but I decided to push that until tomorrow, along with an article about the joys and pains of being a novice homebrewer… tonight, we’ll be playing a game instead.

I am going to present a review of one of my favorites, albeit not REALLY a Summer beer… then, your job will be to guess what beer it is. If anyone can guess the beer, they’ll win their choice of a plethora of CDs in the TPM Vault (which doesn’t close unlike those bastards at Disney) and your choice of a copy of the hit movie Beerfest or my favorite beer book, Pennsylvania Breweries. So, one answer yields two choice gifts!


This beer has crystal clear clarity with a beautiful brown color. Not too dark, but certainly not just a typical deep amber… it screams to me, “Justin, this beer is for you!” The beer has little head, but who the hell needs head with such a lovely color?


Despite the fact that I know I absolutely LOVE this beer, the aroma does nothing for me, as it has little to no aroma. It does get a few points for not having any undesirable smell to it and does have a hint of something noticeably sweet.


The perfect mix of full flavor and drinkability. Caramel, nuttiness, and vanilla all standout as prominent flavors. Big enough to satisfy a malt junkie like me and smooth enough for my Busch drinking buddies to down while watching an Eagles game with me in my basement.


Nothing to write home about, but better than average. Carbonated in an almost soda like way, but that doesn’t take away from its smooth mouthfeel. It has a wonderfully sweet finish.

Overall Rating:

It’s best quality is the one that matters most, flavor flavor flavor! It’s hopped by one of, if not my, favorite hops (Goldings, to be exact). Malt is what matters here, so if you like maltiness like I do… this is a GREAT choice.


~ by thepaintedman on July 15, 2009.

10 Responses to “Guess What's in My Pint Glass…”

  1. I’m thinking the classic Newcastle Brown Ale?

  2. Brooklyn Brown Ale?

    • Fantastic guess… no confirmation one way or the other quite yet… but a good guess. Expect results to be announced on Saturday!

  3. Railbender Ale?

  4. If you didn’t tell us Goldings hops I would say Yeungling Lager… I am still searching ;)

  5. And #1 was originally Newcastle. No cheating!

  6. What do you mean by that Charles?

  7. Oh, the first comment… yeah, for some reason it disappearred. I had to log in and reapprove it.

    PS. If you Tweet, FB, or share this contest in some way (and send me a message) you’ll be entered in a grabbag for a CD and a sticker… giving everyone who participates 2 chances to win.

    The winner will be revealed tonight when I post the Honey Lager review that was pushed back.

  8. Awesome idea :) Hmm… what really threw me off is that your Busch drinkin buds can down it too.. The fact that you like Pennsylvania Breweries makes me think it is a Victory, but I also think Brooklyn Brown Ale fits the description mostly. Although not so much in the malt junkie category. No guess, I’m stumped!

  9. […] won the Guess What’s in My Pint Contest rewarding him with CDs by UUVVWWZ and The Rural Alberta […]

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