Feeling Generous


Let’s start with announcements…

The winner of the “Guess What’s in My Pint Glass” Contest is…

Joshua with the guess, Newcastle Brown Ale

(Who has already claimed two CDs as his prize, UUVVWWZ and RAA)

The winners of the Retweeting Side Contest are…

ginacuce AND BBBellezza

(Who need to email justincharlesharlan@gmail.com to claim their prizes)

And.. rather than post my review of Honey Lager this evening, it is being pushed back for a SECOND beer contest. This one is a quiz… 10 questions about beer. The first person to answer all 10 correctly (that hasn’t won already) wins a bottle opener keychain, a surprise bottle of beer, and 2 surprise CDs. If no one gets all questions right, the person to email me the most correct answers by Saturday at Midnight wins!

Answer these 10 questions and email justincharlesharlan@gmail.com

1. What beer is John Cusack drinking on he couch in High Fidelity?

2. What is Larry the Cable Guy’s beer called?

3. Which Monty Python movie has a beer based on it? and what is the name of it?

4. Name my favorite hops. Hint, it’s been mentioned recently.

5. What is the only British brewery allowed to use the name ESB, technically?

6. In what year was Yuengling Lager released?

7. What beer did Ernest Hemingway endorse?

8. What was The Code of Hammurabi‘s punishment for watering down beer?

9. What is the official “beer” of the Philadelphia Eagles?

10. Now known as Fireside Ale, what was Weyerbacher’s original name for the beer when it was only a one off release?

Now, go… answer away! MAY THE FORCE (of hops and barley) BE WITH YOU!


~ by thepaintedman on July 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “Feeling Generous”

  1. Woo Hoo! I never win ANYTHING! You made my (very long and tiring) day!! :)

  2. I win!

    I’ll play nice and stop taking all of your cds

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  4. […] afternoon, I will be posting my final beer review of Beerfest and will announce the winner of the second contest. The final day of Beerfest was technically to be today, but as an added bonus there will be an […]

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