10 in 10 Beerfest Edition

Remember, contest is still going… until midnight.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale
The peppery goodness of grains of paradise. A Summer must!

Ithaca Apricot Wheat
[rating: 15/20]
Yummy and fruity… even your wife will like this.

Tattooed Brews El Hefe
Unintentional sourness is bad. Poor craftsmanship is worse.

Monks Café Sour Ale
[rating: 16/20]
When it’s intentional, sourness can be a wondrous thing.

Labatt Summer Blonde
[rating: 10/20]
Very drinkable, very smooth, lacking in flavor.

Tattooed Brews Poison Apple Dry Malted Cider (Batch #2)
That damned unintentional sourness rears it’s ugly head… again.

Cricket Hill Hopnotic IPA
Transition brewery does it’s job. Easy IPA for aspiring geeks.

Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier
Just a hint of blackberry in well-crafted Belgian style white.

Miller Lite
Sympathy points for Harry “The Kid” Henderson. Otherwise, it’s crap.

Killian’s Irish Red
A high end cheap beer. Not actually an Irish Red.


~ by thepaintedman on July 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “10 in 10 Beerfest Edition”

  1. […] This is a very crisp beer. There is a bready taste and very little in the way of any maltiness. As noted, above, the aroma was correct, as it is a hop forward ale, but again there is a desire for more. This tastes like a great “gateway” beer, like Cricket Hill’s Hopnotic IPA. […]

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  3. Damn. Lots of SPAM slipping through the filter lately. Gonna have to yell at Askimet!

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