In the Land of Beer and Honey…


Originally turned on to this smooth, easy lager by seeing cases on sale for $12, Labatt’s Honey Lager has become a three season staple for me. If I see it for a good deal, I’ll grab a case without question. Is it very flavorful? No, not really. Is it some incredible craft brew? Absolutely not. Is Honey Lager an easy drinking beer for a warm day? Indeed.


The beer pours as a beautiful deep gold color. There is a think fizzy white head. The color pairs with wonderful clarity to create a beer that whispers, “Drink me.”


There is very little aroma at all, there is a very faint hint of sweetness (likely the honey). The aroma gets a few points for having no unpleasant smell, but that’s about it.


The smoothness is what shines through most. There is a light sweetness and some detectable malt flavor. Hops may as well be absent from the brew, as there is no bitterness or hop flavor whatsoever.


While the mouthfeel is downgraded from a perfect 5 for being slightly overcarbonated, it’s otherwise fantastic. Overall, it’s smooth, aftertaste-less, and wonderfully refreshing!


This is what all you Miller and Bud drinker should be drinking. Smooth, easy to drink, and very refreshing. Walk away from the awful crap you’ve been drinking and take a step in the right direction… it will hopefully open some windows, which in turn make crack a few doors, and down the road you can be enjoying some 120 Minute IPA or Apollo.

~ by thepaintedman on July 21, 2009.

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