Always Darkest Before the Twilight



JustMe’s Before the Twilight is undoubtedly fresh, unfortunately it’s not quite my cup of tea. While one track kinda blows me away and will continue to rock my stereo for weeks, months, or years, the rest of the album is tad too R&B/gospel for me.

Let me clarify. JustMe is a fantastic MC. I love his rhymes, dig his flow, all that… but the beats are a bit slower and more R&B oriented than my typical tastes. The backbeat is often very gospel in nature, as well, which is another genre that I don’t tend to dig on much. What hurts about saying this, is that as an MC, I really like JustMe.

Clever lyrics and rhymes that highlight a very authentic sounding love for life, family, and God are what JustMe is all about as a lyricist. His flow is very natural and his voice is smooth. Everything that I don’t like about this release is counteracted by the skills and genuine nature of JustMe as a true master of ceremonies on the mic.

In the first paragraph, I mentioned that one track was simply amazing, that track is “Kentucky Chrome”. It bumps with 70’s funk. Great horn lines, a sing-song, chorus, and a fantastic drum beat. Everything about this track cements it as a permanent fixture on many a mixtape for me. Even now, as I type this review I am bopping my head to the beat.

So, what have I actually said about this album other than my personal feelings on it? Not enough. Here’s what you need to know. JustMe is an obviously accomplished and competent MC that spills his guts out on top of an array of funk, R&B, and gospel backbeats. Something about him brings to mind the genius of Common, and while I can’t say that this is my favorite album of 2009, I don’t doubt that it can be yours if you dig good hip hop/R&B fusions. As a lyricist, JustMe leaves very little to be desired. This is an uplifting, feel good album full of slow jams and a whole lot of soul.

My only hope is that JustMe explore his rockin’ side a bit more on his next release, that way I can give him his just due when I get the chance to review him again.


~ by thepaintedman on July 27, 2009.

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