Better than Bad

Samuel Adams beers are generally some of the best nationally distributed beers. While I find this particular Summer variety to be just above average, it’s still refreshing and about 10,000 times better than drinking a Coors Light or a Bud Light Lime or a Corona (yes, sorry, Corona belongs in that same category). Without further ado, away we go:


The biggest concern here is that the beer actually appears a bit too “bubbly” for my typical taste. However, as a Summer style of ale from Samuel Adams, heavily carbonated is likely very intentional. The beer has a thick, frothy head and pours a pure golden color with great clarity.


There is a slight hop aroma, though it’s subtle. The aroma hints that the beer is hop forward, but a stronger aroma would be preferable.


This is a very crisp beer. There is a bready taste and very little in the way of any maltiness. As noted, above, the aroma was correct, as it is a hop forward ale, but again there is a desire for more. This tastes like a great “gateway” beer, like Cricket Hill’s Hopnotic IPA.


Mouthfeel here is all about the heavy carbonation at first… overpoweringly bubbly for me. After a few sips, this becomes a more welcome mouthfeel and by about half way through, I’d even say it’s relatively pleasant. There is a very dry finish to each sip, and a slightly bitter aftertaste.


This beer screams Summer fun. To quote a song from a TV show of my youth: “It’s better than bad, it’s good”. I wouldn’t buy a full case of this, but I’d gladly drink another couple if I were to pick up a second Sam Adams Summer Variety case.

Pssst… that’s it for the review, but I had a few notes from my friends at Keystone Homebrew Supply. They have a homebrew competiton coming up at Allentown Brew Works. Check out their page for other great stuff going on there.


~ by thepaintedman on July 27, 2009.

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