Discovering Colorado in NC


Who would have thought that you’d have to drive to North Carolina to try beer made in Colorado? Well, now that he Outer Banks are teeming with Fat Tire (and other beers from New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, CO), I had no choice to review this beer I’d vaguely remembered trying once before.

After a few bottles, I realized that I either had been wrong and never tried this before or had tried it before I truly love beer, because I can’t believe that I’d forget how awesome this wonderful amber ale is. Toasty, balanced, and flavorful… a beer that easily creeps into my top 10 (if I had such a thing).


This beers screams, “You will fall in love with me” to a Yuengling Lager drinker, like myself. A light amber color with fantastic clarity and little head. The carbonation appears moderate, with little bubbles occasionally starting from the bottom of the glass floating up to the top just waiting to tickling my lips… (aside: I may sound a bit too into the appearance of this ale, don’t ya think?)


There is a very faint hop aroma and a powerful malt forward scent. There seems to be some diacetyl, as the ale smells buttery. That said, there is also a distinct aroma of toasted bread or warm biscuits.


How a beer can achieve such a full body and yet steer clear of being a heavy beer that scares away the Summer beer drinkers is beyond this reviewer. The toasty aroma is followed up by a wonderful toasty flavor… buttered toast may not sound like what you want your beer to taste like, but trust me, it is. There is a good hop balance, but hops are not the stars of this dance. Straight and to the point, Fat Tire is a big, flavorful, refreshing 4 season beer.


This ale is well carbonated, perhaps a bit more than I’d prefer… but maybe that extra carbonation helps keep this beer from getting heavy. There is a crisp finish and an overall pleasant mouthfeel.

Overall Rating:

Ever had Toasted Lager by Blue Point? This is what it SHOULD taste like.


~ by thepaintedman on August 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Discovering Colorado in NC”

  1. I need to see if this is available anywhere in PA. I’ve heard so many things about this beer (good and bad) that I need to try it for myself. Most of the bad comes from craft beer snobs who think it’s too mainstream to be craft.

    Sounds tasty to me.

  2. New Belgium does not distribute to PA yet, we should start a letter writing campaign… WHO’S WITH ME?

  3. I’m up for a letter writing campaign. I always like to see good beer make it’s way into our state!

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