Mixtape Monday: The Music


The first Mixtape Monday is… well… today! True, it was supposed to be last week, but unfortunately poor planning on my part bumped it back a week. This is the beginning of Hip Hop Week on TPM, albeit this mixtape is chock full of all different stuff, but tracks 1, 4, 7, and 10 should wet your hip hop whistles. Enjoy! (Pssst… MAKE SURE TO READ THE BOTTOM!)

1. Cook & Uno – The Music (Interview with Uno Mas coming THIS WEEK!)

2. Amelia Bright – Kamikazi

3. Meryll – Katillus

4. Rootbeer – Girlies (Rootbeer review can be read here)

5. the85bears – Quaint and Country

6. The Glass Gentlemen – Night Sleep Maybe (Interview with the guys can be read here)

7. thekeenone – Stoner’s Prayer (This track features Cypress Hill’s B-Real… insane in the brain, right?)

8. The Young Werewolves – Wolf Wedding (Read one of the best interviews EVER here)

9. Telegraph Canyon – Reels and Wires (Review of entire album soon)

10. CookBook – Neverending Story (Read all about this hotness here)

So download away and leave the artists some love in the comments section! I know they’ll appreciate it… and (HINT HINT) leaving a comment MAY enter your into a random drawing for some fly hip hop themed giveaways…


~ by thepaintedman on August 10, 2009.

16 Responses to “Mixtape Monday: The Music”

  1. I LOVE the85bears track! It’s beautiful. ;) Keep em’ coming.

  2. I agree. The 85Bears track is great.

  3. The Glass Gentlemen track is great. My favorite on this mix. I couldn’t get the Amelia Bright song to work, however.

  4. The 85bears song, Quaint and Country, is fantastic! It makes me want to drink coffee in outer space and I don’t even like coffee.

  5. Drink coffee in outer space? That song is soooo good it makes me want to charter a Starbucks mission to mars! Yay for ditka and the85bears!

  6. The 85bears song, Quaint and Country, is fantastic

  7. Love the 85bears track! Perfect for summer driving. :)

  8. Love love love 85bears quaint and country!!!
    Made me want to roll down the windows.
    I hope him and Jesus win the next election :)

  9. The 85Bears track was a great tune. It made me shuffle. Get it?! Shuffle! 85Bears?!

  10. Dex… and everyone else… the Amelia Bright link is fixed, download and enjoy!

  11. If any of you guys like the Amelia Bright track, they have a free album that you can download!


    the85bears makes amazing music.

  13. […] here to read the rest: Mixtape Monday: The Music Tags: all-different, amelia-bright, chock-full, girlies, mixtape, mixtape-monday, music, […]

  14. […] out Hip Hop Week on TPM and thank you for joining in. Mike of More on Sorrow is the winner of the Mixtape Monday giveaway… he wins a Hip Hop prizepack. Thanks again for sharing in TPM’s love of good […]

  15. Thanks to everyone who downloaded our track “Night Sleep Maybe.” It’s just a demo. We’re re-recording the song for our debut album! Add us on MySpace to keep informed about our album, shows, and all that good stuff. Thanks again!

  16. […] for download now. Featuring a few songs that you may have heard on previous monthly mixtapes (“Night Sleep Maybe” and “Ocean Stars”), the 8 song EP plays as equals parts The Anniversary, The Get Up Kids, […]

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