Yes, He Has a "Nerd Life" Tattoo

YTCracker Nerd Life

This email interview presented unaltered… no editing… so good luck!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to chat with TPM. My readers will appreciate it. Let’s start off simple, who is YTCracker?

ytcracker is bryce case, jr. straight out of the 719 repping colorado springs until the Almighty Spam God decompiles me and puts me back in the source code.

Your website claims that you are “the undisputed king of nerdcore”. How can I verify that is is true? I mean, according to wikipedia, you seem to be have the longest active tenure of the Nerdcore cats, but being the elder doesn’t always make you the king.

even my most famous contemporaries allow me to use this tagline and refer to me as such. it must be true.

Hmmm… well, if you could be anything other than a nerd rapper, what would you be and why?

i’m way more than a nerd rapper. i eat cereal in the morning. i also run the entire internet – you better axe about me.

Good answer. So, I reviewed NES a month or two ago… basically stating that I dug it a lot. It was a great concept and the overall product was quite well executed. Whether it be NES or something else you put out, what, would you say, it Ytcracker’s crowning achievement? What is the best contribution to music that can be attributed to you?

i cooked a steak once while rapping about the steak and entertained people at the barbecue. these are the things that are important in life.

On his newest release, Lars covers one of my childhood heroes, Atom & His Package. Were you ever an Atom fan?

i was not. adam ant though holla game.

I’d personally call him an “OG”. He was kinda Nerdcore before there was such a thing. Plus, he was always freaking awesome live. Live music has always been a big thing for me. Who are the best live acts, both in your Nerdcore scene and elsewhere?

everyone in nerdcore, including myself, sucks at irl. the only groupcever worthy of holding any sort of cred live is pendulum.

How about influences, both Nerdcore and otherwise… what has influenced you musically?

i have really eclectic tastes and i play the turntables, guitar, piano, and kazoo. i like dance music a lot, so the fusion of technology and rap has always interested me.

Ok, so let’s do what I always do for a few questions in my interviews, let’s veer away from music and talk about other stuff. We’ll do some word associations. I’ll throw out a word or topic and you can tell me whatever comes to mind. We’ll start with current events. Michael Jackson.

the man. i miss you. i always stood up for you in elementary school when no one else did.

Michael Vick.

big ron mex wb you were afk.

Healthcare Reform.

libertarian or bust screw socializm.

Okay, away from just current topics, how about just some broader topics, like… Religion.

Praise Be to the Spam God and His Infinite Bitstream.

Video Games.

monkey island in HD whodi holla.


my life fits terribly in 140 chars or less.

And one more… The Metric System.

everything you need to know about getting high lies in the metric system.

Good. In my previous interview with Beefy, he said that there have been some heavy beefs (no pun intended) in Nerdcore. Have any involved you?

one with mc chris and i, but i think that is squashelerized.

Well, I guess I’ve wasted enough of your time, so let’s just hit a few more quick things. What should we be expecting from YTCracker in the near future in way of new music?

new album drops next month – it was called “the throne” now it might be called “the heisman” – they all have stories behind them. penis.

I know that you and, well, everyone else in the scene performed at Nerdapalooza in the past couple of weeks. How come that stuff never happens out here? When do us East Coast folks (Philly/Reading, specifically) get to see YTCracker live on stage?

tour goes live end of august – i’ll have dates up soon i promise!!!!

Ok, so… last question… what would you tell my readers is the most important thing when trying to pick up girls?

confidence and swagger. ain’t nary a none whodi say a whodi fo shodi ain’t done the damn thang with these females ya dig, goon sire.

Thanks again. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease.

to the middle east. thanksgiving feast.


~ by thepaintedman on August 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Yes, He Has a "Nerd Life" Tattoo”

  1. Forgive my late comment…I am just getting caught up on my reading….

    This was a freaking hoot.

  2. I’m digging your blog. Cool little place for sure, will bookmark and tell friends about it :)

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