Toejam and Earl, if Cutler Were Toejam…

fantasy football

Here at TPM, I tend to focus on music and beer, with the occasional foray into movies or something that interests me culturally. There was a category called “Culture” but I changed it today to “Et Cetera” because it’s just another way of saying “stuff that isn’t in my other categories”. That said, today I am going to venture into a territory never ventured into on this site: Fantasy Football. (BTW, awesome image courtesy of Busted Tees)

I am a fantasy football owner and commish, have been for a few years now. While many people play for money, are hardcore into it, and are part of 10+ leagues. I play for fun… and PRIDE, of course. I am a 2 league guy, with a third starting this season. So, I’m no expert, but I wanted to share a later round sleeper pick/free agent pickup with my readers that may happen to be fantasy football nerds like myself.

Earl Bennett. “Who,” you ask? That wideout that Da Bears drafted last year, that’s who. But why? He has ZERO catches last year and only hit the field on Special Teams in two games last year. But in 2005, he had a stellar season at Vanderbilt with, guess who? That’s right, JAY CUTLER.

Jay Cutler and Earl Bennett

Reports from Chicago’s Training Camp have been that Bennett and Cutler look great together, albeit there was little flash to be seen in the preseason game, thus far. But, Lovie seems to like the kid as the front runner to start alongside Hester on the offense.

In the late rounds, this kid is a great flyer pick. Do yourself a favor and listen to me… despite the fact I’m some guy who knows a little about a lot of things and a lot about very few. Bennett! Do it!


~ by thepaintedman on August 26, 2009.

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