Map is Speechless


Map Speechless

Velvet Blue mainstays, Map, have released another solid album, which is no surprise to me. What is a surprise, however, is that only 2 tracks have any trace of vocals, whatsoever… thus making the title of the album, Speechless, completely appropriate.

While this is not a knock on this album or any other instrumental album, most albums like this have a very specific place in my collection… they serve as background music for activities such as writing, reading, or working on my website. And while this not generally my favorite music, it plays a vital role in some of my daily activities.

Map’s Speechless is not an exception to this; in fact, I can almost promise that this album will serve in this capacity for me for now and in years to come. Alongside another recent VBM release, Frank Lenz’s score to the independent film Strictly Background, I can see this album easily becoming a favorite background music CD for me at work and at home.

One thing that is quite true for me in regards to instrumental albums in general is that I rarely have favorite or standout tracks. This is also the case with this album. No tracks standout as clear favorites, though the opener would be my selection if I had to choose. I like the layers and the sonic quality of the track. There is a resemblance to Air, whose album Talkie Walkie is another of my favorite background music albums. The track rolls along beautifully and evokes memories of love and pleasant times. This (and several other tracks) will be placed on my iPod playlist entitled “Chill” within the next few days.

So, basically, this album, in a nutshell, sounds like a collection of instrumentals similar to the instrumental tracks that find their way onto most Map albums. The two tracks with vocals are actually my least favorite, but mostly because I dig the instrumental aesthetic of the album as a whole. That said, even with those two tracks, what shines is the instrumentation and musicianship. Map’s is a sound that is lush and full, while only boasting 3 to 4 instruments on most tracks.

Speechless is a solid outing from a solid band that will leave you… well, speechless.


~ by thepaintedman on September 10, 2009.

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