Thursday Thumper: RedCloud


I decided today to choose a Song of the Day because I’ve been hooked on a specific track on a CD I recently purchased for about a week now. An early track from So-Cal rapper, RedCloud, is the culprit of my current mental affliction, it has simply been stuck in my head and it won’t go away.

From RedCloud’s 2001 debut, “The Pigeon John Song”, features this blogging rap fan’s favorite emcee, the aforementioned Pigeon John.

The song chronicles RedCloud stalking “Pigeon Jiggy Jiggy” trying to force him to collaborate on a track for his album. The chorus is Pigeon telling RedCloud to chillout or he’ll have to call the cops. The song finishes up with PJ finally dropping a verse for RedCloud, but not before a coupel of RedCloud verse, including one where he mockingly imitates his hip-hop idol.

You can’t enjoy this song fully without first listening to the preceding track, a group of messages on RedCloud’s buddy Tim’s answering machine, including a great one from Pigeon John.

While we know that this is all a big joke, especially seeing as Pigeon John has collaborated with RedCloud time and time again, even producing Hawthorne’s Most Wanted, this song makes me wonder if this is kinda how Pigeon John and RedCloud truly began their musical friendship.

So, go to iTunes or your local record store and find this song (or the whole album, Is This Thing On?) and thump to “The Pigeon John Song”. And before you go, bump to another RedCloud/PJ collab, “Tapatio” from Hawthorne’s Most Wanted

~ by thepaintedman on September 10, 2009.

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