I Love the 80'sHoly phat mixing Batman, that remix is bumping!

This is what Robin would say if he listened to your remix of CookBook‘s “Solid Gold” off of the LA Symph alumn’s newest album I Love the 80’s. That’s right, a contest where you can show you remixing chops. Here’s the deal:

CookBook’s new single, “Solid Gold“, is currently getting set to blow up. The music video is getting finished up and the song is just too hot not to catch on. You can check it out and find out for yourself.

You dig it, right? Well, how about you do your best to make it EVEN HOTTER? What do you win? Well, the winning remix, chosen by CookBook himself (with some help from your truly) will be featured on the October Monthly Mixtape. Not enough? Well, that’s not all you win, so hold your horses… the remix will also be a bonus track on Cook’s next release. Yes, you read that correctly. Fame, fortune, and all the women (or men) you could ever dream of… that is what comes with this honor.

Ok, so now that you obviously can’t wait to get cracking, here’s what you do.

1. Download this accapella version of “Solid Gold”.

2. Complete your remix by Friday, September 25th.

3. Send it to letting me know it’s your entry.

4. Include your name and whatever you want to be known by as a remixer.

5. Sit back and bump I Love the 80’s and The Overflow and wait for the winner to be announced on October 5th’s Monthly Mixtape.

Hopefully this will be the first of many such contests, so let’s make this one a success. Friends, artists, bands, and established DJs are welcome, but of course fans and regular folks like me who play around with Sonic Foundry Acid or FruityLoops even now and again are just as welcome. 80’s tinged entries are encouraged, but every entry will be considered.

So, kick a phat beat, whether on you drum kit, your laptop, or your flute, and have some fun. We can’t wait to hear from you!


~ by thepaintedman on September 14, 2009.

11 Responses to “RemixThis! SOLID GOLD”

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  2. […] I am running a remix contest. I was kinda hoping you’d take a whack at it. I saw. Haven’t checked the track out yet, […]


  4. Hey, got your email, but I need you to resend the email. You mentioned that it wouldn’t send via email. Emailing me a link to download from would work, too. I responded to your email, but thought I’d let you know here too.

    If you HAVE to send it MySpace, send it to mine (I saw you already sent it to Cook) which is I rarely use this, but if you have to, that works, just email me or reply here letting me know that’s how you sent it.

  5. i already e-mailed you my remix, but to make sure I also uploaded it to zshare

  6. Got it homie. Thanks

  7. […] -I am sending the remixes to Cook tonight or tomorrow. Both he and I will give each a score of 1 to 10 (1-5 points for uniqueness and 1-5 points for sheer awesomeness), then we’ll choose the win by adding up the two scores and seeing who fares best. Tiebreakers will go to Uno Mas for final decision, even though I haven’t asked him yet. Winner unveiled on Monday, for this month’s mixtape! […]

  8. […] you perhaps offer up a track for a remix contest like the one I did this past month? I’d like to make it a monthly thing. […]

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  10. […] beating around the bush today, the winner of the RemixThis! SOLID GOLD contest is Austria’s Markus Schuechner, aka N-Jin. His remix won because it was thoroughly […]

  11. […] RemixThis! contest is underway as part of Contest Week on TPM! There will be two RemixThis! contests this […]

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