Tuesdays with Riley: Thursday Edition

Shael Riley and Double Ice Backfire

This particular session is almost completely as-is… Facebook lag and all!


So, get this, I got a notice today from my ISP that I got busted for downloading copyrighted material.



I didn’t know they still did that shit.

I had to promise I deleted the material or my Internet would be suspended.


Honor system.

OK. Let’s do this.


So, politics… that what I promised…

Let’s start with that whole healthcare reform hoopla. What’s Mr. Riley’s take?

Ideally, we’d have single payer health care like every other fully developed nation in the world, but that’s off the table.

A distant but still vastly improving second would be the public option, though that seems to have been severely compromised at this point and likely won’t even go through at all.

But isn’t that socialism? (rolls eyes)

Just like the police and fire departments. Sure.

Ooops, I forgot to start with, “So, I heard you are a Libertarian.

I was, but I stopped being one when I left my first wife.

Haha. Anyway… so I am basically on the same page with you there. Public option would have been a good step, let’s hope it still works out.

I give it 1 in 20 odds at this point.

Ok, so what else is hot in the political/social forum right now? Any opinions you want to share with me?

I’m not as informed as I should be, in all honesty. I take the issues as they come. I’ve paid more attention to health care than most because it would effect me directly. Generally speaking, I side with the far left liberals the vast majority of the time.

I tend not to fall on the American political spectrum a lot of the times, so I feel ya.

Yeah! Me too.

How about the Kanye West debacle?

I’m all about salary caps, the legalization of all drugs and culturally unacceptable stuff like that. I don’t even use any illegal drugs but it’s a massive waste of our resources to criminalize them. It’s wholly ineffective; it also puts a lot of people in prison unjustifiably.

Oh. Yeah. I hear Kanye said some shit at the VMAs. Homie, I could not care less. I don’t get celebrity obsession. It just doesn’t resonate with me.

It’s like that Mike Vick thing you asked me about.

Why is this important?

I think he’s funny sometimes and he taught me valuable lessons, like that George Bush doesn’t care about white people.

Why is this part of our public discourse? It’s absolutely trivial; it’s taking the place of something really important we could be talking about instead.

I do like that Kanye brought back shutter shades. They’ve always been cool.

True, true. Isn’t that always the case though?

Shutter shades?

Yes. They’ve always been cool.

I meant on the public discourse thing, but… yeah, that too.

Stupid Facebook lag.

So… I am running a remix contest. I was kinda hoping you’d take a whack at it.

I saw. Haven’t checked the track out yet, but I’m gonna have to decline. Busy with my own stuff. Thanks for thinking of me, though.

It’s ok. I don’t hate you or anything, but check out the song. CookBook is dope.

I like his name.




Sorry about that.

Still with me?

I might have missed your last question.

Navigated away from this page accidentally.


Yes, I’m here.

Any more questions?

I think I am gonna be lame and make this session a bit short. I feel so old, I have a hard time staying up too late. We’ll have to have next week’s final chat be grandiose.

OK. lol

Any subject you want to focus on for next time?

Let’s conclude with something interesting, at least. How is Nerdcore Rising? I saw on your Twitter that you were watching it on your XBOX.

We ended up not watching it because Beefy had technical issues. We’re gonna reschedule.

Damn. Beefy! You should have yelled Beefy in the way that supervillians do when their plans are foiled by their nemeses.

I can’t stay mad at Beefy.

Well, anyway… next time let’s focus on pop culture that has changed your life in some way, like music, movies, tv, books, whatever.

If you’d ever met him in person, you’d understand. He’s like a giant cherub.

That’s a good subject!


I’m rad like that.

You omitted a key medium, though.


Video games!

That too.

Right on.

So, that said. In addition to my questions for you, I want you to pose at least two interesting questions to me as well.

Yeah? OK. I’ll do that.

I want to say something worthwhile on my site for once.

I gotta get you something for your mix tapes soon, huh?

We’re working on more stuff. Haven’t just forgotten about you or anything.

Ok, so… the wife and bed beckon. Take care of your wife and your fellow Libertarians… and yes, I want a track. Hell, an EXCLUSIVE one!

We’ll get you something.

Word. Tell Beefy I love him.




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