Monthly Mixtape: SOLID GOLD

No beating around the bush today, the winner of the RemixThis! SOLID GOLD contest is Austria’s Markus Schuechner, aka N-Jin. His remix won because it was thoroughly enjoyable and executed best. Not only will his track lead off this mixtape, but CookBook will be including this remix on one of his upcoming releases and sending him a T-shirt. Additionally, another N-Jin remix will close this 10 track mixtape (with a bonus download at the end of the post), so enjoy Markus’s genius.

Make sure to check the bottom of this post for some additional notes about the other entrants to this contest… there are consolation prizes.

1. CookBook – Solid Gold (N-Jin Remix) (El Ganador!)

2. The Langley Sisters – Strange to be in Love (VBM’s newest angelic voices from the UK)

3. thekeenone – Legal Drug Addict (Keen returns to the mix)

4. BenKenoB – SEPTA (MC Frontalot Mashup) (BenKenoB takes Frontalot vox and creates something new)

5. Alexander Lowery – Quartet for Guitars with Percussion in G Minor (aka “theone3rd” for Decap users)

6. Ed E. Ruger – Chillaxin’ (One of my fave tracks from Big Ed)

7. The Zero Four – You Don’t (Check out their website for more info)

8. CookBook – Solid Gold (Kwillis’s Rider Remix) (Killer remix, ineligible for the contest)

9. Manchild – Whadiddido (Mars Ill’s Manchild throws a phat track our way)

10. Sleep – Talk About It (N-Jin Remix) (Another PHAT N-Jin remix)

Other Contest Notes…

…as noted last night, the most original and creative remix was the remix done by Cassowaries. Very weird, very entertaining. CookBook said it may have been the winner if it weren’t for the fact that Cook couldn’t hear his own vocals and, just like TO, Cook like him some him. For being Mr. Original, you’ll be entitled to the first pick of the CD grab bag courtesy of your friendly neighborhood TPM.

…I really enjoyed BenKenoB’s Remix, but it wasn’t CookBook’s favorite. Another pretty original take on the song that warrants a free CD as a prize!

…Cook had great things to say about other remixes by The Nemesis, Frozenmammoth, and MC Dub. The Nemesis was “kinda weird, but in a good way”. Frozenmammoth’s second remix was “funky”. And, MC Dub had a “completely original take on the song” that Cook also noted as “moody”. All three of you will also receive free CD’s are a consolation, nothing special, but free is always fun.

Thanks to all and stay tuned for upcoming RemixThis! contests featuring Shael Riley and the85bears.

OH and here’s an AWESOME bonus, if you actually hung around long enough to get down to this line of the post… CLICK HERE FOR ALL REMIXES SUBMITTED TO THIS CONTEST IN ONE HUGE .ZIP FILE… Kwillis is not included in this .zip file, so don’t miss out on that download above.


~ by thepaintedman on October 6, 2009.

8 Responses to “Monthly Mixtape: SOLID GOLD”

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  2. Oh man, somehow, I totally screwed that up. It’s in B minor, not G minor. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe I was thinking a second down rather than a seventh up. Oh well. Everyone, it’s in B minor!

  3. Man, I am so out of it that the explanation of my correction is wrong too! It’s down a 7th from the original. I was thinking 7th down = 2nd up + octave down but then somehow switched it into 2nd down. I’m quite certain that I paid proper attention in theory class, but I’m starting to doubt myself.

  4. I can change the name of it if you’d like, 1/3.

    Either way, it’s a great track, so thanks for sharing.

  5. nice mix! can we get all of them (the single mp3s, not the remix contest jawns) uploaded in a zip file?

  6. Anything for you Ms. Keen! for your listening pleasure!

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