Weatherbox Wants You To Stick It to the Man


Weatherbox The Cosmic Drama Kurt Vonnegut

Weatherbox is the new Piebald!

Don’t take my above statement lightly as Piebald is top 10-15 band of all-time for me. Piebald was the best band ever given the tag of “emo” this side of Jimmy Eat World… quirky, fun, witty, nerdy, and with rock and/or roll flowing through every vein of every member of the band. With members finally going their separate ways to pursue other life endeavors after years of rocking our faces off, a new entity had to fill their shoes.

Brian Warren, formerly of a band named after Piebald song, “My American Heart”, has stepped up to the plate with his Weatherbox’s second release, The Cosmic Drama, released exclusively on vinyl and via digital download. The band’s first release was pretty good from what I remember, but unfortunately I am not certain exactly what I thought about the album when I reviewed it… which is a sign of an average album. And while I can’t remember much of their first album, I promise you that will not happen with this one. Their new status as Piebald’s successor cements them into my musical rotation for a long time to come.

It’s hard to know where to start with this album, it ranges from acoustic tracks (“They’re Ready for Us to Come Home”) to songs with hard rocking choruses amidst slower verse structures (“Mindthings to W.A.S.T.E.”) to a truly classic Piebald rock sound (“…And You Will Know Me By The Trail Of Dead”). The quirkyness and offbeat song structures are fantastic in just about every way. It’s just hard to put this album into any other words than, “Weatherbox is the new Piebald” so perhaps I quote their wikipedia page:

Weatherbox is a 5th wave emo band with 2nd wave emo tendencies from San Diego, California, led by ex-Mister Valentine & My American Heart member, Brian Warren. Other members of the band include drummer, Drew Bent, guitarist, Garrett Prange, and bassist, Nathan Aguilar.

“5th wave emo” with “2nd wave” tendencies… BRILLIANT!
But wait, there’s more… a CONTEST (I mean, it is Contest Week, right?)…

A DIY Promotion Contest entitled: Stick It to the Man!

The Prize:

Limited edition copy of “The Cosmic Drama” on BLUE vinyl

How to Win:

Download these DIY stickers (or design your own).


Print them, stick them in awesome places, take pictures, and email them to

Post this banner on messageboards, blogs, and websites with links to this article using this embed code: (and remember to email

The most interesting use(s) of the stickers and/or banner wins. There will only be one winner and all entries must be received by Halloween (October 31st). This allows you one last stickering hurrah on Mischief Night!

While you are sticking it to the man, make sure to whet your whistle for your new album by enjoying this free MP3 track from the band: “Ask My Flashlight


~ by thepaintedman on October 14, 2009.

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