Josh's Amber Awesome


Usually when I review a beer, it’s something commercially bottled, but this time I’m hitting up a homebrew by my good friend Joshua Landis (he’s the tall skinny guy dancing and drinking beer in the middle of the picture). The brew has no official name, as he simply referred to it as an amber ale that he made with leftover ingredients. What he accomplished with “leftover ingredients” was was quite impressive, a well hoped amber ale that is very drinkable.


The biggest knock on the brew was the look of it when poured. The color was a beautiful, rich amber, but there was absolutely no clarity. The creamy thick head was off set by the haziness that is never desired unless the brewer is working with wheat. Oh well, the rest of the beer’s attributes make up for it… read on.


This beer has an entrancing floral aroma… a beautiful smell of distinctly American hops. I was informed by Josh that the brew was dry-hopped, which often promotes great aroma and it certainly did here.


Extremely drinkable and smooth while still having a big hoppy flavor. I wrote in my notes that the flavor was like “Nugget Nectar’s relaxed, chilled out cousin” and after a few more tastes, I still assert this as a solid description. Fantastic flavor.

[rating: 3.5/5]

The mouthfeel is dry and full bodied. It finishes dry with a hoppy aftertaste. It is a tad drier than I typically prefer, but there is nothing notably unpleasant about the palate of this beer.

[rating: 16/20]

This is only one of very few homebrews I have thought to be this good. Strikes me as a Spring seasonal type beer and a good one at that. For nothing more than combining leftovers, Josh made a gem. I have a few bottles left and no you can’t have one.


~ by thepaintedman on October 22, 2009.

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  1. Thank you for the solid review Justin! This Amber was hopped with 100% Amarillo hops. I think I might try this one again with different hop varieties and see what makes the best leftover beer.

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