Real Hardcore in the JCHC Style


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I am reminded of days where the subgenre of hardcore dubbed “Spirit-Filled Hardcore” had its hey day in the late 90’s, with larger acts like NIV and Living Sacrifice and tons of smaller acts all over the country (perhaps, world). Every couple of years an album is sent to me for review that reminds me of how powerful this medium is… true hardcore music with positive, powerful lyrics that center on the struggles of sin, spiritual warfare, and the power of love. In the way that bands like Comeback Kid and Enlow had previously restored my faith in Spirit-Filled Hardcore and reminded me of the power of the music, Venia‘s Frozen Hand is currently reawakening me in the same way.

Some will say there are tons of great “Christian hardcore” bands today, but I would assert that most of them are part of other “-core” subgenres (like metalcore, emo-core, etc.) and that most of them are nothing too special. Venia (not to be confused with the Finnish metal band, Venia) is not like these other bands, but rather an old school hardcore throwback that simply rocks.

I can’t say that I have favorite tracks, but I love elements of the entire album. The gang vocals in the chorus of songs like “It Starts Here” and “World All Your Own” put me right back in the pit of a posi-core fest in Jersey. The frenetic drums of “Seeker” make me start banging my head involuntarily. The break downs in “Hand of Security” just make me want to get up from my seat and dance. The hardcore kid in me loves this album as much or more than any album he’s heard in years… and I agree with him. Solid hardcore album front to back.

Like most true hardcore albums, the 12 tracks clock in at well under a half hour, which is okay because the guitars, bass, and drums whoop my ass enough in this amount of time. Where it takes your average rock band 45-50 minutes to wear me out, Venia does it better and in much less time.

So, if you are a all out music fan like me, give Venia a chance. If you are a hard rocker, then pick up this album. If your local mall is misguiding you to the pop side of punk, let Venia bring you back to the light. If you swear by bands like Underoath, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and The Chariot, take a break from that stuff and hit up some true hardcore music, equally as soul nourishing and twice as awesome. Forgo the metalcore mayhem, the radio rock, the Panic! at the Hot Topic, and the screamo sentimentality and hit yourself upside the head with some real hardcore. Venia is that band, you won’t be sorry.

If “Strength of Heart” doesn’t move you, check your pulse… you might be dead.

(NOTE TO SELF: File this in that small file of hardcore/metal acts that can’t be forgotten and/or deleted. Place between Stretch Armstrong and Strongarm to ensure many future listens.)


~ by thepaintedman on October 22, 2009.

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