Beautiful Ladies and Beautiful Music


Eisley Band Photo

While none of the DuPree ladies compare to my beautiful wife, the lovely ladies three once again join forces with their brother and cousin to produce more wistful indie-inspired rock for their fans to sink their teeth into. The Fire Kite EP may only be 4 tracks, but having listened to it over and over in the past week has certainly made a fan of this Internet rock critic.

Prior to purchasing this EP (along with a free poster) at their show with Say Anything in Philadelphia, I had limited experience with their sound. Owning their 2005 release, Room Noises, I found them to be enjoyable, but not really my style. My wife enjoyed the album and was looking forward greatly to seeing them live. I wondered how they’d fit in with the more upbeat Say Anything at a live show.

After their set, I was convinced that I had not given them enough of a chance, as their live show was fantastic. Listening to this EP has confirmed for me that Eisley is the real deal. While their recorded sound is on the softer side, the passion of their music shines through on these 4 tracks:

“The Valley” is the opener. It’s a very upbeat track where the fairy-like vocals run the show. The music behind vocals seems to provide a canvas, or backdrop, for the vocals to shine. From my readings on the band, the use of strings on both this track and “Ambulance” is something a bit different for the band. It seems to suit them well.

“Ambulance” is not as upbeat, but still presents the same formula, where the music, albeit very solid, is more a means of allowing the vocals to stand out. The lyrics are powerful, as Stacey DuPree asks to be sent a redeemer to let her know if she’ll be alright… the song seems as if it’s a reminder that in times of trouble, people can reach out for help. This track could draw comparisons to piano rock bands like Coldplay, Keane, or Snow Patrol, though I find Eisley much more enjoyable than these three bands combined.

The third track is a demo of “192 Days” and has the feel of a demo. The nice part of the song is that all three sister demonstrate their ability to sing incredible vocal harmonies with each other. Apparently, the digital version of this EP has a second “Garage Band Demo” on it, but reviews seem to think it to be not that great, which makes me happy that I bought the physical tour edition of the EP.

The final track of this edition of the EP is Sherri’s husband Max (of Say Anything) covering their song “Telescope Eyes” (which is on the aforementioned Room Noises. The cover is just Max and an acoustic guitar through most of the track (outside of just a bit of keyboards), which creates a nice, stripped down, clean sound. It really highlights the lyrics of the song. Max’s vocal delivery compliments the song well.

Eisley Fire Kite EP

The EP is easily one of the better purchases I have made in music for some time… worth the $10 for sure. Not only do I enjoy this release, but it is likely pushing this new fan towards getting excited for their upcoming full length next year.


~ by thepaintedman on November 10, 2009.

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