Johnny Cash Top Ten

Cutest Child Ever, Cash Hendrix Harlan in Handmade Knit Cap with Brim

In honor of my son, Cash Hendrix, turning 1 year old today, it’s time for a list of my 10 favorite Johnny Cash songs. Starting at 10, I’ll count down to my absolute favorite. Sit back and enjoy, feel free to comment with your favorite Cash tracks, as well.

10. “Jackson” with June Carter Cash

9. “The Man Comes Around”

8. “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” cover of traditional spiritual “Run On”

7. “Hung My Head” Sting cover

6. “Man in Black”

5. “Father and Son” Cat Stevens cover with Fiona Apple

4. “Rusty Cage” Alice in Chains cover

3. “Cocaine Blues”

2. “Folsom Prison Blues”

1. “Redemption Song” Marley cover with Joe Strummer

Honorable Mention: “One” (U2 Cover), “Hurt” (NIN Cover), “Solitary Man” (Neil Diamond cover), “I Won’t Back Down” (Tom Petty cover), “I’ve Been Everywhere” (Lucky Star cover), “Thirteen” (Danzig cover), “The One on the Left”, “Sunday Morning Coming Down” (Kristofferson cover), “Highwayman” (w/ Kristofferson, Nelson, and Jennings), “I Walk the Line”, “Long Legged Guitar Pickin’ Man” (w/ June Carter Cash), and “Daddy Sang Bass”)


~ by thepaintedman on November 22, 2009.

7 Responses to “Johnny Cash Top Ten”

  1. wow, redemption song #1? seriously? i like all the components, but i couldn’t stand joe strummer’s voice on that one. i agree with pretty much everything else on the list though, if not the order.
    side note: my best friend was pretty close to naming his son cash, but they decided too many people would think they were obsessed with money.

  2. Being obsessed with both Cash and Strummer launches that one for me. Especially affecting to me as both died within the year of recording the track together.

    The middle name Hendrix probably helps delineate what the name Cash represents for us.

  3. In honor of Cashman I’ve been rockin “American Recordings III: Solitary Man” today

  4. Front to back, I think that’s my fave of the American Recordings.

  5. agreed!

  6. harmful list, companion, I read many your stuff and this can be a first thing i’ve previously really really disagreed with. A few of the songs you missed are cross generational as well as iconic. your #10 and #7 shouldnt glimpse on here period of time.

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