QOTW: Oppression and Indoctrination

Love Hate Baby

Last week I posed what I thought was a fantastic question when I asked my readers to submit a song as their personal theme song and add a note as to why they made the choice. After a day or two of little response, I commented to my wife that I was disappointed at the lack of answers, to which she responded that the reason was likely because the question was really difficult… she then told me that I should have posted my answer in the post to start people thinking.

Her points were quite well-taken when I realized that I couldn’t come up with an answer myself. So, for that, I apologize. The answers I got weren’t bad, so thanks to those who did contribute. This next week’s question, however, is one I suspect will be much easier to answer, while it’s quite deep and not necessarily a comfortable topic. And, I will begin with my own thoughts.

This particular questions comes from some of the things I’ve been reading, notably a forum discussion on Joyce Meyer Ministries and Word of Faith, as well as some articles about increased numbers and new tactics of hate groups in the Obama age. Both of these topics fueled a specific question for me, which is more dangerous: outright defiance or subtle challenges to society? Not exactly sure what I mean, well, here goes…

Joyce Meyer, while I know very little about her overall, is apparently a charismatic, practical, and down-to-earth evangelist who preaches a brand of faith associated with the Word of Faith movement, often linked to Prosperity Theology. There are several exceptions I take with this brand of faith, notably the oppressive nature of making claims that God wants us to be wealthy and the misguided and misappropriated idea that is we think something, it will come true through our faith and will. These assertions are dangerous, but this movement is not simply outright heresy, but rather a widely accepted movement that people may or may not realize they are buying into.

The new hate movement, similarly (though I wouldn’t equate Meyer or other Word of Faith folks to these neo-Hilters at all), has decided to take a more conservative approach than their predecessors. Retreats and gathering of “normal” folks are popping up everywhere, where the message is not “hate minorities” but rather “love your white heritage”. One leader of such a group says, “Why is it that when a black man wants to preserve his culture and heritage it’s a good thing, and when a white person wants the same thing, we’re called haters?” This subversive hate seems to me to be, perhaps, even more dangerous that the cross “lightings” (burnings) of the KKK.

So, I come back to me question, but this time I reframe it a bit and leave you, my readers to tell me what you think:

What is more dangerous to our society, outright hate, blatant heresy, and utter defiance of our societal norms or subtle subversion, hidden agendas, and disguised indoctrination? Why?


~ by thepaintedman on December 2, 2009.

6 Responses to “QOTW: Oppression and Indoctrination”

  1. i don’t have anything to add, but wanted to say that i agree.
    only semi related, but just this afternoon on npr we heard something about republicans turning on candidates that aren’t conservative enough, and i said to my wife “i really beleived that the republican party would learn from the presidential election and move more towards the center, but instead they did the opposite and are more conservative and divisive than ever. i sure hope they get buried in the next elections as a result, but i’m kinda afraid that they won’t and that they’ll just keep going farther and farther, and dragging the country with them.

  2. i think with outright hate and defiance, at least you know what you’re getting-
    with the hidden agendas and a shiny surface, people are more likely to just follow and not see what’s really going on…

  3. Nietchze subverts Christianity less than Schleiermacher.

  4. Admittedly, I had to look up Schleiermacher. However, once I did and read that he was a Protestant theologian, I presumed that you are asserting that the subtle folks are worse…

    A. Am I correct?

    2. Can you tell me more about what makes Schleimy worse?

    D. I just like using the Home Alone A2D method.

  5. […] for the answers I got last week. This week’s question come sup because I have been reading all the 10,000 lists about best […]

  6. Nietzche hated Christianity, and in so doing makes Christians who take him seriously more clear in their defense of their faith. Schleiermacher probabl considered himself a Christian (an enlightened one), but pretty much undermined everything distinctively Christian about Christianity. He muddied the waters and created a sort of intellectual fog–which is hard to get through clearly. With Nietchze, if you disagree with him, you say, “Aha! My enemy!” With Schleiermacher, you say, “Something is not right here, but I’m not quite sure what . . .”

    So yes, I think subtle treacheries do more damage than outright attacks.

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