Killer Christmas Hip-Hop Album


Illect just dropped a new Christmas album, which will be available on iTunes very soon… but you don’t have to wait, get your copy for only $7.99 directly from

Not sure? New to Illect? Well, look at this track listing and you’ll be sure. MG!, LA Symph, and the Idiots alone should be enough convincing.

1. Sintax the Terrific – Snow Day
2. Scribbling Idiots – Jingle Bell Knock
3. L.A. Symphony – It’s Christmas
4. Sintax the Terrific – Immanuel
5. Page One, Theory Hazit, MG! the Visionary and DJ Because – We Three Kings
6. L.A. Symphony – Christmas Song
7. Elias – Maria
8. Caramel Skillington – Salvation’s Army
9. Sivion – Celebrate the Son
10. Sintax the Terrific – Lament of the Diamond Star


~ by thepaintedman on December 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Killer Christmas Hip-Hop Album”

  1. very nice, is that actually new music from mg? elias is pretty dope too, i did some art for him for a limited cd.

  2. Hey Aaron – yeah, it’s actually very new stuff. He hasn’t released anything new in well over a year to my knowledge and this is the newest track. He produced the song as well.

  3. i forgot about/ haven’t heard the lifemusic stuff, i was thinking he hadn’t put anything out since transparemcee.

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