13 Days of Christmas: Krismus Karols

Christmas Carols

Today, December 13th, marks the first of TPM’s 13 Days of Christmas. Why 13 rather than 12, because today is my birthday and I always believed that Christmas countdown should begin on my birthday (I also believe that it should be a national holiday, but the petition seems to keep getting shot down).

Today is also the day where I traverse up to the Meadowlands to watch my Birds take on the New York Football Midgets. Of course, I know in my heart that the Eagles will win… but if they lose, I’ll have a good excuse.

While I’m in NJ getting yelled as and called dirty words by Giants fans, you can be listening to an album of entirely free Christmas music that is both unorthodox and awesome. Fantastic independent music label Sounds Are Active, released an album of 23 interesting Christmas tracks back in 2003… today, it is available for FREE in MP3 format. You can click here to download.

So, while I’m freezing my arse off in the stands of East Rutherford, NJ tonight getting dirty looks from disappointed fans from NY and NJ, you can be cozy in your bed listening to Slo-Ro from Soul-Junk and other artists that stand out among the most original and interesting in the world.


~ by thepaintedman on December 13, 2009.

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