Drink Your Ovaltine? (Christmas QOTW)

This week is the first of two Question of the Week entries with a Christmas theme. This one, as you may have inferred from the title, is about Christmas movies. Lucky you, today is a 2 post day, make sure to check out the earlier post after you take a crack at this week’s question.

Quite simply, what is your favorite Christmas movie and why?

For some, the choice may be more about nostalgia. Has there been a movie that you’ve watched and adored since you were a child, like my wife who can recite every line to the Burl Ives’ original version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? For others it may be a move that warms your heart, like Miracle on 34th St or a movie your parents made you watch with them every Christmas like It’s a Wonderful Life. For some, it may simply be a movie that makes you laugh a lot (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) or a movie that you connect to a specific happy event or… well, just about any reason we could name.

While I cannot tell you my choice quite yet, as a full review of my favorite Christmas movie is coming on Thursday, I can name two of my favorites with some fun clips.

Jingle All the Way

Home Alone 2

(Wanted the “Cool Jerk” scene with the fake Uncle Frank in the hotel shower, but couldn’t find it on YouTube)

There are many others, from action flicks to comedies to cartoons, but I’ll leave a few unnamed for you to share. Feel free to use the ones listed here if one of them is your favorite, but whatever your favorite is, please share it with us. If someone happens to choose the same one as me, there will be a prize for them. If not, I may have a few other CDs to give away anyway. So, let the other readers and I know which Christmas movie ROCKS!

What is your favorite Christmas movie and why?


~ by thepaintedman on December 15, 2009.

7 Responses to “Drink Your Ovaltine? (Christmas QOTW)”

  1. Growing up I loved all the Christmas claymation movies. My favorite one is a little known movie called The Life and Adventures of Santa Clause. It was a quirky and sometimes a little dark movie about how Santa Clause came to be. My brother and I watched it like a million times. Wish I could find it on DVD.

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  3. Sorry for the weird videos. I meant them to be actual clips from the movies and they ended up being weird (but funny) YouTube edits that people did.

  4. I have two favorite Christmas movies:

    1. A Christmas Story – mostly for nostalgic reasons. This was me and my dad’s jam growing up. We’d always watch it at least 3 times when they run it for 24 hours straight on TV.

    2. Elf – recent classic. I refuse to see a movie more than once in the theatre… I went and saw this 3 times. I still laugh consistently throughout the movie every time I see it.

  5. i can’t say MY favorite Christmas movie, cause I know for a fact it is YOUR favorite too.:) So I won’t ruin it for you!!

  6. i love the charlie brown christmas special and nightmare before christmas, but i think i gotta go with a christmas story. the last few years we’ve been watching it in bits and pieces on tbs, usually watching the whole movie our of order by the end of the day.

  7. The Ref. It epitomizes family gatherings in my family, but aside from that, it’s a flippin’ funny movie.

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