Disc 2: Rated PG-13

As promised (though I’m a bit late due to a rough weekend), here is TPM Christmas Disc 2: Rated PG-13. The title of this mix is because there are a few tracks that you may not want to play in front of you little one. Overall, it’s just another collection of fun and enjoyable Christmas tracks, including 2 comedy gems that are always played on my favorite radio show, Preston and Steve on WMMR. Here is the track listing:

1. BK Employee – Ding! Fries are Done
2. Megaphone – The Perfect Gift
3. The Bomb – Holiday
4. History Invades – We Sell the Holidays
5. David Bernard – Santa is a Communist Dictator
6. dr. stryker – merry christmas baby
7. Doctor Octoroc – Joy to Commando
8. Create (!) – Hymn for St. John of Shanghai
9. LN – Christmas Tiger
10. the nemesis – christmas is canceled
11. Map – Alone
12. Andy Zipf – Traveler’s Psalm
13. The Bomb – Not Christmas Night
14. The Amorous Contact – Christmas Time Again
15. Chewbacca – Silent Night

So, download away and enjoy this Christmas album. Don’t forget to grab disc 1 while you are at it!


~ by thepaintedman on December 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Disc 2: Rated PG-13”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by nstryker, Aaron Brassea. Aaron Brassea said: i have a song on the new @thepaintedman christmas mixtape, along with @nstryker, create (!), and chewbacca http://bit.ly/4Kb7DG […]

  2. […] I recorded a new Christmas song. You can stream is on my myspace page, or download it as part of the TPM Christmas Disc 2: Rated PG-13. […]

  3. […] Five Free Christmas Tunes for the TPM faithful! Pick up last year’s FREE comps: Christmix and Christmix 2. […]

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