QOTW: One Gift to Rule Them All

It’s about that time where TPM presents this week’s Question of the Week. Like last week, this week will again be a Christmas themed question. I have a bunch of CDs to giveaway, so this week I will randomly choose 3 people who comment to win free music… and I’ll do my best to send something you’d dig based on the type of music you enjoy. I’ll begin with my answer.

When contemplating what this week’s question would be about, I was reading Chuck Klosterman’s newest book, Eating the Dinosaur. The essay that I was reading was about time travel, which got me thinking… if I could give a gift to any one person in history, what would it be, who would I give it to, and why?

Naturally, giving baby Jesus a gift on that first Christmas would be cool. Not only would it be awesome to be there on that magical night, but I’d get to be in the Bible. Maybe I’d be the fourth wiseman… or maybe the text would read that 3 wisemen, a few shepherds, and some fat guy in a Donovan McNabb jersey were there to see the baby. I kid, I kid… but I don’t think I could choose Jesus, because it’s basically impossible to figure out what to give the Son of God. Besides, the idea of faith is based on believing in something that I’ve never ACTUALLY seen, and seeing it kinda cheapens my faith, or does it? I don’t know, but this wouldn’t be my choice.

There are a ton of correct answers to this one, but I think I’ll be simple and give future Cash (my 1 year old son) his first beer, to ensure that he never becomes a fizzy yellow beer drinker. Maybe we’ll start with a Newcastle Brown Ale… or perhaps a Stoudt’s Scarlet Lady…

Now, your turn… Choose one person in the past, present, or future to give a Christmas (or Hannukah or Kwanzaa or whatever) gift to, choose a gift, and explain why you’d give that gift.

~ by thepaintedman on December 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “QOTW: One Gift to Rule Them All”

  1. i’ve been thinking about this for a while now… the best i’ve come up with is a bullet proof vest for lincoln, but he was shot in the head so it wouldn’t do much good…

  2. Maybe a bulletproof helmet?

  3. could be, could be…

  4. […] First off, I think I’m siding with the the Newcastle on my last question. […]

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