Even Jennings Needs an Umbrella-ella-ella


Jennings (aka Mary Jennings) is a pretty cool pop artist that could easily break into the mainstream anytime now. She has all the pop sensibilities of Sarah McLaughlin, Michelle Branch, and any other pop artist that you can find at Lilith Fair. Piano pop with pretty, but not delicate vocals. Good melodies, nice vocal harmonies in the background, and a powerful lead vocal track throughout her newest release Storybook EP are among the reasons to sample this EP if this musical style is your type of thing.

To be frank, her vocals, while they are pretty, have a quality about them that makes her not exactly my cup of tea, but then again, female fronted pop rock is not usually what I spend time listening to. My personal preferences aside, her vocal range is quite impressive. She hits some awfully high notes, right beside notes that hover in my own range (which consists of three to four notes that technically fall in the tenor range). In fact, it’s also fair to say that her vocals have grown on me more and more with each listen, so if I were to revisit this EP on a followup review a month or two down the road, I may not even feel the need to comment on my personal distaste.

Available for purchase on Amazon and for download there and on iTunes, the EP is a worthwhile listen for anyone that enjoys pop rock with female vocals. It’s a fun bonus that the final track of the EP is a cover of “Umbrella” by Rihanna.


~ by thepaintedman on January 6, 2010.

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