Free Music Wednesday: 2010's First Mixtape

Here’s the first mixtape of the year. Expect one each month (usually the first or second week each month). Unlike 2009, 2010 mixes will feature 12 tracks rather than 10 and will be released on Wednesday because Mondays are rough! So, here it is… enjoy.

1. “Lucky Cat” by Map is a track that was featured once before as a bonus track. I am featuring it here again to wet your whistles for an upcoming contest.

2. “Getaway” by MC Dub is a track by the talented laptop musician known to the non-music world as Mark Walker. MC Dub’s remix of CookBook’s “Solid Gold” was described by Cook as a “completely original take on the song“.

3. “Winnie Cooper” by Kwalified Emcee is a track from his new EP. Listen to this track, then go download the whole EP, then be on the lookout for a review in the upcoming days. HOLLA!

4. “Gimme What You Got by Slo-Mo Featuring Mic Wrecka is a HOT track from this HOT act based in my favorite city in the world, Illadelphia. Like other Illdelphia crews before them, Slo-Mo and Mic Wrecka infuse hip hop, rock, and blues to create a truly unique sound that can only be described as a taste of Brotherly Love.

5. “The End of Loneliness by All City Affairs is a track of this Lujo Records act’s album Identity Theft. Like all acts on Lujo, it is unique and well done. Enjoy this track and then go to Lujo and buy the album.

6. “The Descent by Firs is another track from a killer Lujo act. Off of their album Man in Space, this track is featured on the Lujo front page… and now, also on TPM.

7. “VR Bikeride” by Second Reality is the first original track by Second Reality that I’ve heard. Also featured on a previous mixtape, Second Reality won RemixThis! Ditka Style and has since continued working with the85bears on new material. See! Not only does TPM give you good music, but it also connects people!

8. “Hustle Beach” by Baby Teeth is a great example of why the Chicago three-piece has been praised by many outlets including the uber-trendy Pitchfork and the mentioned-in-High Fidelity Chicago Reader.

9. “Kin Weather by Cassowaries is another in a long line of wierdness from my favorite weirdos. Featured on this site a few other times, Cassowaries has all the talent and obscurity of Sigur Ros without the pretentious fanbase.

10. “Zebra by Bone Gunn is a track that was sent to me as a thank you for covering Bone Gunn’s Flies EP. Into music that can’t be described by genres? This is for you!

11. “Bring Out Your Dead” by Bluebrain is another rad track from a Lujo band. Seems like we’re chock full of ’em this month… if you enjoy them, you can thank Eric. He’s a good dude… but enough about him, let’s talk Bluebrain. Bluebrain is the Holladay brothers doing their thing. Before this project, these talented guys worked with artists like Spank Rock, Ra Ra Riot, and Violent Femmes.

12. “A Shortness of Breath” by Young Livers is a great punk track from a great punk band on a great punk label. No Idea Records, the Florida indie punk powerhouse, is still putting out great tunes a solid decade after I first picked up release from Less Than Jake and Atom and His Package when I was in high school. Sorry, El Destructo, but this is how you SHOULD make good punk rock. But then again, I’m just a poser.


~ by thepaintedman on January 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Free Music Wednesday: 2010's First Mixtape”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Justin Harlan and Dee, Velvet Blue Music. Velvet Blue Music said: MAP download on the mixtape at Painted Man : […]

  2. great mix! Love that Second Reality track.

  3. Me too. When are you releasing your collab with SR?

  4. Well…he’s all done with his part. I’m wrapping up another handful of songs. I actually have a few tracks out in cyberspace right now (waiting on other collaborations). Too soon to tell, but it already sounds amazing. I’ll def keep you posted.

  5. […] has been featured on a few of his site’s monthly mixtapes (September 2009, January 2010, and Christmix Disc 2). If you haven’t taken advantage of these free tracks, then […]

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