Howl: Zum Wohl

I decided to do a third (yes, 3rd) post in one night. Sorry to inundate you, but if you don’t like it then just go away! Well, actually, please don’t… I like the attention, otherwise, why would I have my own website?

Anyway, I’m wifeless tonight, so I decided that rather than cleaning the house or doing something productive, I’d lay in bed, watch American Idol auditions and drink a beer. Tonight’s beverage: Magic Hat’s Winter Seasonal, Howl Winter Lager.

Rather than my usual exhaustive review (based on the review style of sites like Beer Advocate and Rate Beer), I decided to go with a casual review in the style of one of my favorite beer blogs, Lost in the Beer Aisle. Check him out, he’s much less snobby than me. When the new site launches, I will be using the official BCJP rating system, but for now, enjoy the lack of elitism…

So, first off, I am drinking this beautiful dark lager in my stainless steel stein that I received as a groomsman’s gift. It’s a great mug, though it doesn’t give me much ability to analyze the beer’s appearance. Let’s just say that it’s quite dark.

The aroma is sweet and malty, with a fruitiness. The flavor matches… and, like most lagers, it’s smooth. In fact, it’s very smooth!

Dark and flavorful, but with chugability. Technically, it’s a schwarzbeir… which means it’s a German dark lager. It’s true to style, which is to say that it is creamy but not heavy, very drinkable, and moderately carbonated.

Like darker beers, but not beers that are too heavy? Prost!


~ by thepaintedman on January 19, 2010.

One Response to “Howl: Zum Wohl”

  1. I like this style of writing…but I might be slightly biased. ;)

    Thanks for the mention!


    P.S. It’s almost my bedtime, but reading your review inspired me to drink and review!

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