Cliffy and the Worldshaker


Heard the new AC/DC yet? It’s called Worldshaker… and apparently, the band has changed their name to Main Line Riders.

Ok, so Main Line Riders are not actually AC/DC, but their throwback rock sound owes a lot to the blues rock stylings of Angus and Malcolm’s Aussie cock rock outfit, so much so in fact that the tagline for the album on cdbaby is:

A Salute to Those About to Rock. Heavily influenced by classic AC/DC and early Def Leppard.

You may recognize some names from Christian punk stalwarts and obsessive Ramones fans, The Huntingtons (who are working on a new album due out in 2010 actually), in particular, Cliff Powell (aka Cliffy Huntington aka Cliffy Stiv aka…). And, such as in his Huntingtons days, Cliffy wears his influences on his sleeve; though, while I often found the music of the Huntingtons (especially early stuff) to be a near carbon copy of The Ramones, I find the love of AC/DC to not be all encompassing to that degree. In fact, other influences are certainly evident on Worldshaker, as well.

You’ll hear the love of Bon Scott-era AC/DC along side the obvious appreciation of 80’s metal, ala LA Guns, Guns N’ Roses, and probably a few other bands with the word “guns” somewhere in their name. There is the token hair metal ballad track, “Comin’ Home”. “Worldshaker” involves some gang vocals in the chorus. “Chrome & Steel” showcases great musicianship with a heavy, groove laden, blues feel. “We are the Ready Ones” screams Riki Rachtman and Headbangers Ball more than anything I’ve heard in years.

I have to be honest here, I’ve never been a huge fan of Cliff’s previous endeavors, but this album rocks. Straight ahead rock and/or roll that just makes me want to get up and dance. As I wrap up this review, I’m relistening to one of my favorite tracks, “It’s a Revolution”, and I simply can’t stop bouncing my leg and bobbing my head. In fact, once I’m done typing, there’s a good chance that I take a few minutes of my day to get up and dance. There really is nothing else to say except that this is a great album… combine all of the best elements of early AC/DC, hair bands like Twisted Sister, and sleaze metal ala Skid Row; throw in some of that Huntingtons/Ramones vibe; crank the amps to 11; and blaring from your JBLs you’ll have the sound of Main Line Riders’ Wordshaker. Even Lemmy would be proud of this onslaught of rock.

For fans of: Jet, Motley Crue, AC/DC, Hanoi Rocks


~ by thepaintedman on January 20, 2010.

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  1. Just wanted to drop a line of thanks for this review. So…yeah…thank you very much. I’m glad you’re diggin’ it.


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