Killing Twins in Reading, PA


My friendship with Skot has not only lead to my introduction to Debtor, but also to a great band from my own backyard, Reading’s own Twin Killing.

Last week, when I saw Debtor play at Johnny Reno’s, a killer new venue on Lancaster Ave in Reading, I also was treated to a great set from the local hardcore act. Their set was most impressive, so I grabbed a CD and gave the band some kinds words before they fled to a second show they were playing that night.

Thirteen tracks on the CD and it still seemingly clocks in around 8.5 minutes. Not really, but it is quite short. Each track goes by quickly, but that isn’t to say that there isn’t enough riffage and breakdown action to tear your face off during each of the thirteen.

Some of the lyrics are deep, some are clever, some are typical hardcore “fuck you, stand true” type lyrics… but the vocal delivery is straight forward and solid. The music is punishing and full of all the appropriate hardcore elements.

When it comes down to it, Twin Killing is a straight forward hardcore band, no bells, no whistles. They do it the right way. They dress how they want (sweatpants, jeans, whatever), work hard (as evidenced by two shows in a night), play as a tight unit, have some sing-a-long gang vocal choruses, and even have the token fat guy on bass (I’m allowed to say that since I’m a fat guy, too).

…If This Could Last Forever is a solid outing for this young band: 7 out of 10 stars. But, I recommend you catch these guys live: 9 out of 10 stars. They are sure to be rocking the Reading scene (and hopefully beyond) for years to come, don’t take my word for it , “Just like your shitty tattoos, we’re fuckin’ here to stay” (lyrics from “Just an Enemy”)

Stand out tracks: “Hard Times”, “Weak”, “Best of Us”

For fans of: Youth of Today, Ten Yard Fight, Good Clean Fun, early H2O


~ by thepaintedman on January 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Killing Twins in Reading, PA”

  1. I really dug these guys… I’m hoping we get to play with them again soon.

  2. […] Twin Killing’s “Hard Times” is one of my favorite tracks from their 2008 release, …If This Could Last Forever. A real hardcore song in a world where mallcore reigns. Love […]

  3. […] recent rash of great hard music that has been sent my way, Divide the Sea sounds the most diverse. Twin Killing is straight up hardcore, danceable and direct. Debtor has some different things going one, but has […]

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