As I’m sure you can tell, it’s HORROR WEEK on TPM this week. The inspiration: Mob Zombie. The Mob is a hip hop collective of the living dead. They entertain while eating brains. They make you tap you toe and bounce your head, all the while scaring the life out of you… ok, maybe not exactly. But they do rock, in fact they know it, with references to being more rock than hip hop… chucks, Mohawks, and all that rock ISH.

Before I go on, I’d like to offer my theory on the cause of zombie-ism, at least the theory that I believe to have learned from The Mob: WEED. Apparently, smokin’ lots of weed can make you a zombie (which leads me to believe that my buddy keen and my cousin are likely zombies, as well). While this is never stated outright, I believe I’m not the only one who would come to this conclusion when rockin’ Join the Mob.

Ok, so I think based on what has been said so far, you can guess what the lyrical content of Join the Mob focuses on… if you haven’t caught on, the key points are zombies, brains, and marijuana. Marijuana is secondary to the zombie stuff, which is good since that’s what drew me to Mob Zombie to begin with. My hopes and dreams for this CD are fulfilled for sure… as much brains, eating flesh, and walking dead folks as one can ask for.

There is a story told throughout the CD, partially through the tracks filled with hot beats and B-Movie lyrics, but also through the news radio bits scattered throughout the CD. As with all good zombie stories, the dead run amuck; in this story, several major US cities are overrun and quarantined. The story is quite well done.

As far as the actual songs go, I have a few favorites. Hands down, my favorite track is “Zombies vs. Humans”. The backbeat is folky acoustic guitar with a phat drum beat. The chorus includes folk vocals that set a backdrop to this battle between the living and the dead.

Other standout tracks include “Mary’s Brains” (an R&B love song focusing on a different part of the body than what Al Green and Isaac Hayes were focusing on), “They Were Diggin’” (a track with one of my favorite verses on the album, “Hip hop sucks, that’s why I wear chucks”), “The Underground Funk”, and “I’m a Zombie”.

With hip hop that rocks like this, I may be willfully joining the mob sometime soon. I wonder if zombies can blog…


~ by thepaintedman on February 1, 2010.

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