Official Letter of Apology to MRT

My editor contacted me about some errors in yesterday’s piece about Mercury Radio Theater. He received several angry emails and also received information form Buddy Mercury that was meant to be included in the piece. Due to my editor’s expressed orders, I composed the following apology letter to Buddy and the MRT crew:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I apologize for my impatience on releasing this piece. Due to my premature release (LOL), there was a great deal of information that was not included in the article. Here is summation of that information.

The current lineup of the band includes Buddy, as well as bassist Jason Todd (One 21, Kill Hands) and drummer Joe Getz (ninedigitnumber, The Psalters, Left Lucy). I’ve been informed that this lineup has been intact for sometime and will remain so (barring catastrophic Apocalyptic scenarios, such as the inevitable takeover of the world by zombies).

Additionally, the upcoming project is about a geriatric werewolf named Kilroy. This Kilroy is not to be confused with Kilroy of former Styx fame. The album is set to be released next month on vinyl. You should also check back here and at the band’s website for information regarding the band write and performing score for multiple film projects.

One of the complaints received by my editor was in regards to my apparent problems in remembering things correctly… “Correction: Night of the Haunted Asylum was the one Kurt wasn’t involved in (Kurt was in Kansas City at that point, leaving Woods, Jeff and myself to create that episode)”. This comment author has prompted me to drive back into my feeble mind to re-remember the conversation I previously had with Buddy… as I now recall, I mentioned that my two favorite episodes were Manhattan Zombie Massacre and Night of the Haunted Asylum, to which he made the aforementioned response.

To jog my memory and the memories of my readers, I will will pause this letter and interrupt with a list of all Mercury Radio Theater episodes, as delivered to me by Buddy himself:

Attack of the Space Octopi
Dick Danger: Super Spy
Manhattan Zombie Massacre
Mission to the Tenth Planet
Night of the Haunted Asylum
The Death and Life of the Undead Boy
The Blue Eyed Model

So, in conclusion…

I conclude my letter once again apologizing to your, the fantastic band that I claimed to have followed and adored for the past decade, and hope that you will forgive me. If you don’t, please at least allow me a chance for redemption by reviewing your upcoming release. I’d appreciate that.

Your (forgetful and impatient) fan,
Justin aka thepaintedman

~ by thepaintedman on February 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Official Letter of Apology to MRT”

  1. haha night at the haunted asylum was my least favorite, so I guess that makes me some sort of Buddy fan.

  2. OH SNAP!

  3. Tolomeo commented on my facebook that you’re still a sucker because you still supported the band despite their lameness without Buddy’s presence :)

    OK, so, not in those words… but…

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