Live and Let Die

My wife and I saw 2 movies this weekend. Neither blew me away, but both were enjoyable. Yesterday, we watched Where the Wild Things Are and I was so captivated that I dozed off more than once… though, admittedly the movie did not deserve my sleepiness, the issue was actually that I was very tired. When the movie is released on Netflix in 2 weeks, I’ll rewatch it and give it a fair shake (or when I end up buying it for my beautiful wife). Expect a review then… but today I am writing about the movie we watched Saturday, 2012. (Woody Harrelson, pictured below, plays a nutty guy that proves to be not so nutty, when he’s 100% right about the end of the world approaching… unrelated to my article, but my favorite character)

This is not a review, per se, however. Instead, I am writing about the truth that I found in this film… and how it relates to supply-side economics. Yes, I am serious, and I promise not to bore you to death while I do it.

I think it’s important to note that the only reason good ol’ Reaganomics are in the forefront of my mind is that one of the guys I work with likes to debate about politics and economics. Since he’s leaving next week, he had a sit down with me today… ok, so here’s the meat and potatoes:

In 2012, the only people able to be saved from the end of the world (outside of John Cusack, his family, and half a dozen other people at most) are the super rich and the super powerful. While the action and the scenarios in the film are totally insane, this is something altogether realistic. What’s frightening is how the truth was held from the regular people and how they weren’t even given an opportunity to save themselves from the impending doom… and for some reason that seems entirely plausible.

It’s the same essential problem with “trickle down theory”, which to be fair is not exactly the same as supply-side economics despite the fact that they are closely tied. The problem with this economic theory is that it trusts that those at the top will distribute the wealth through several means (lowering prices due to easing of supply, increasing productivity and thus creating jobs, and, most laughably, their own philanthropy). The ultimate failure of this economic theory is the belief that one portion of humanity will act in a way that is unselfish and caring of the others in their world.

I think that the realism in the demonstration of the greed of the upper echelons of society in 2012 is exactly what is wrong with the idea that getting out of economic crisis is as simple as cutting taxes for the top rungs of society and allowing them to redistribute their wealth. Like the powerful and wealthy in the movie, the powerful and wealthy in the world seem to often do anything and everything to protect their power and wealth.

So, while I am certain that the creators of 2012 had little to no social agenda in mind, especially one that involved Ronald Reagan’s economic policies and his legacy, I can’t help by see how the most frightening part of their movie is a very real truth: humanity is dark and selfish by nature. Man’s selfishness can prove to be the demise of billions of people or simply continue to increase the gap between the rich and the poor, but either way, it’s real.

Thanks, I’m going to get off of my soapbox now. Feel free to comment or disregard or whatever… but be happy I didn’t turn this into a full essay… yet.

~ by thepaintedman on March 9, 2010.

3 Responses to “Live and Let Die”

  1. The whole time I thought this movie was about the end of the world with and the Mayan calendar. This sounds eerily like the New World Order, if you’re not aware of this do a little researching. Sounds like you are though. Their whole thing is saving all the elite of the world and how secretly they are controlling the economics of the entire globe.

  2. I enjoyed reading this even though the reality of it does make me sick. The truth is terrible, but what makes it even worse is thinking about how simple changes could make it completely different.

  3. James, I’m only vaguely familiar with the New World Order (despite being VERY familiar with wrestling’s nWo), I’ll have to get into all of that sometime.

    Chelle, I’m right there with ya!

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