Open Letter to Stoudt's…

Dear Stoudt’s Brewery,

You are one of my absolute favorite breweries, I swear… but I’m not too happy with you. I have two main gripes. I’ll start with the more current issue, Blonde Double Maibock. How could you pull such a wonderful beer from the regular seasonals and replace it with a style as boring as a kolsch? I mean, I fully am going to try Karnival Kolsch, and I may like it… even quite a bit… but your maibock was/is/forever will be one of the best made world wide.

I did notice on your site that the maibock is on tap now, but I fear that it will disappear as the years go by. Please don’t let it… that is my plea. I fully intend to come get a pint or two soon and leave with a growler, but I ask you for a promise… your word. Please, oh demi-gods of PA Dutch bock, promise me that the Blonde Double Maibock will be back each year in some form, even if only at the pub. In turn, I promise to continue drinking it.

On to my second issue, and I promise this complaint will be shorter. At a winter beer event at my favorite beer distributor I spoke with one of your reps who told me that the Winter Ale recipe changes every 2-3 years, which I thought was cool. However, I was quite disappointed to find that the beer I had fallen in love with two years ago on handpump when I came to the brewery for my birthday dinner became a Pacific Northwest style winter brew. Don’t forsake the Eastern US and emulate the tastes of Portland, it’s overrated.

So, in closing, here are my demands:

1. Don’t let the maibock go anywhere permanently.
2. In another 2-3 years, change the Winter Ale back to something less Northwesty, maybe an Old Ale?
3. Keep on making my favorite go-to beer, the lovely and beautiful Scarlet Lady Ale.

Thank you for your time,


~ by thepaintedman on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Open Letter to Stoudt's…”

  1. If they would ever discontinue Scarlet Lady it would be over for me and Stoudts.

    Blonde Double Maibock is always a highlight of Spring Seasonals, and it would be sad to see it go. Maybe we’ll get some samples of the Kölsch on our trip in a few weeks to see how it stacks up. Pretty good reviews so far on Beer Advocate (

  2. Update from Twitter:

    StoudtsBrewery: @thepaintedman have no fear… We will continue to make the MaiBock as a draft only brewers reserve every spring.

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